Milestone Access Control Module Eases Admittance to Turvatiimi

Turvatiimi Oyj realized that a traditional access control system was not viable for the company’s need for a high-security solution. Traditional panel-based access control systems require expensive, high-maintenance control panels to convey information and often use proprietary hardware that does not integrate with other systems.

Access control systems using cards or security tokens suffer from the same type of weakness, as cards may be lost, stolen or swapped. Again the system is only able to detect that a certain card has accessed a card reader. If a card or a pin code has been used to gain unauthorized access, a video security system can only be used to detect unauthorized entry after the fact, unless a manned solution is used.

The extended security and the simplified operation were the main reasons for choosing the integrated Axis/Milestone solution for Turvatiimi. Use of the Milestone Mobile client simplifies operations further and all Turvatiimi Oyj employees can verify request for access if needed. The recordings and access control data are kept for two to three weeks in case of the need for investigating an access event. Furthermore, the use of Milestone XProtect VMS with its open platform technology enables Turvatiimi Oyj to add analytics as needed. An example of this could be people counting, giving Turvatiimi Oyj the exact number of persons at their premises at all times. This is essential information in case of fire or other emergencies.

“We will implement the integrated access control system at all our locations. This will give us the ability to use the same access token at all our sites, while having centralized control at the same time,” says Mika Bragge, Head of Technology at Turvatiimi Oyj. “So far, the experience with the integrated access control system is very positive. The system is fast for reacting and gives immediate information on incidents.”

Increasing market for integrated solutions

The Finnish corporate landscape is currently being shaped by a rising number of small to medium-sized enterprises. This has led to increased construction activity in the commercial sector and raised the demand for integrated and efficient security solutions.

With the ability to integrate alarms, the combined access control and video security is key to keeping costs down and improving efficiency in alarm handling. If incidents can be documented using integrated access and video security systems, then guarding services can be better informed and thereby more efficient. It could be that a door has been kept open by a contractor or it could be a malfunction of a door-closing mechanism. Video verifies the situation for more appropriate response to alarms.

This rising demand in the market is another reason for Turvatiimi Oyj to implement the system further; they want to showcase the latest and most advanced in integrated access/video solutions for customers.

“All our sales staff can use the mobile app to display the solution making sales considerably easier and more specific. We have confidence in this solution by Milestone and Axis, and we are proud to demonstrate it,” says Mika Bragge, Head of Technology at Turvatiimi Oyj. “Security managers from other companies often ask me how we can keep track of so many people at our offices, and I just show them how easy it actually is with this technology.”

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Milestone-JOS_Svendsen.PRManagerEMEAby Jos Svedsen, PR and Communications Manager EMEA, Milestone Systems

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