Meet Solutions Engineer Jared Tarter

Hello Jared! Please tell us a little about yourself, and your role at Milestone Systems.

Sure, I’m a Solutions Engineer and I’ve been with Milestone for about six years now. I work closely with our channel and solution partners, mostly in a pre-sales role, to make hardware recommendations, answer technical questions, and basically work as a technical and engineering interface for anything they may need.

Do you get partner requests for new software capabilities?
Yes, all the time. We receive a number of partner requests for different and additional functionalities in our products—on a regular basis. Our partners see competitive features that they would like to have in our systems or they often have their own ideas for improvements or embellishments. For example, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions and requests regarding integrations with drone technology. It’s become a hot topic.

What’s the process for requests?
As requests come in, we work with our Product Management team at headquarters in Denmark to collect, prioritize and track requests. When we see a pattern of several, similar requests, we start identifying a market need, and we work to get it addressed with in future releases.

What’s an interesting partner solution you’ve seen or worked with?
There are some really powerful solutions being created by our current partners, but the BriefCam integration comes to mind. BriefCam is integrated with our VMS to condense recorded video down to a shorter amount of time, making it much easier and faster to review. The video can be filtered and searched based on specific item colors or motion direction. It saves a great deal of time for larger applications like casinos or malls where they need to locate a suspect or event quickly.

Please share a favorite Milestone experience.
For me, a favorite experience has to do with a site visit. I had the opportunity to visit a nuclear facility, which was very unique. I had never been to a place where there are armed guards everywhere and you have to be escorted by one. The location used standard and thermal cameras to monitor the entire perimeter of the facility. Milestone VMS, FLIR thermal cameras and Agent Vi video analytics are all integrated there for optimum surveillance and security. It was great to see.

What is it about Milestone that you enjoy the most?
The best part of Milestone is the family environment. You really feel you’re part of a family connected group here. There’s a lot of great interaction and camaraderie. Everyone gets along. Trade shows and sales meetings feel like family reunions. It’s a great community.

Courtney Pedersenby Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Corporate Communications Manager, Milestone Systems

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