A New Market for Milestone? ‘XProject’ Ice Fish!

On February 15, 2019, from 9:30 am to 3 pm on Parley Lake in the southwest metro area of the Minnesota’s Twin Cities, four of Milestone’s hardiest and fool-hardiest team members executed a long-planned scheme to use XProtect video management software (VMS) to make our ice fishing attempts more comfortable.

We put it all together when we got to the fish house – it took a while to set up.

Using three tilt-sensor equipped tip-up cameras, all connected to a single ADAM module, this team of engineers, instructional designers and analysts were able to receive low-voltage signals directly into the XProtect Corporate 2019 R1 VMS when the flags went up, and when we needed to free the apparatus from rapidly re-forming ice or check on the vitality of the bait.

Two additional Axis network video cameras (PTZ and Fixed) provided visual verification, automated Pan/Tilt/Zoom movement, audible alarms, recording and bookmark placement so no matter how warm and peaceful it was inside the ice house, there were sufficient notifications to rouse these bums from our repose.

Alas, the weather was clear, the technology was exact, but the fish were not hungry. At least there were plenty of donuts, cookies and chili to keep us busy.

XProtect Ice Fish 2019 was a technical success and plans for 2020 are already in the works!

By Jonathan Sandquist, Business Analyst, Milestone Systems