A Winning Duo: Cutting Edge Technology and Deep Understanding of the Latin Market

Five years ago, Milestone Systems and LAR Group joined forces in a strategic alliance to propel the electronic security industry forward in Latin America. The results of their joint efforts are seen today.

For Milestone, it is just as important to consistently maintain and improve the quality of its solutions as it is to strengthen trustworthy relationships and ensure mutual growth with its strategic alliances and business partners. LAR Group is a partner that serves as the ideal example of such a productive relationship with Milestone, not only in terms of mutual company benefits but also in relation to the growth and evolution of Latin America’s technology market. This is possible thanks to the synergy generated through the process of bringing global cutting-edge technology to the regional levels.

Historically Proven Expertise

With more than 15 years of experience in the electronic security market, LAR Group relies on a robust infrastructure that provides coverage to the majority of Latin America; offices are located in Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and recently, Peru. We’ve become the largest group of representatives in CCTV, IP, access control and fire detection. Moreover, we’ve developed a strong network of manufacturers and distributors to fulfill integrators’ and end users’ needs within Latin America.

Thanks to our positive work with other brands and taking into account the momentum our organization provided to others in the area, Milestone invited LAR to form a key part of its strategic alliance network at the beginning of 2013.

To avoid conflicts of interest, LAR recently stopped representing other business partners so we could dedicate the majority of our efforts to Milestone.

Leading-Edge Technology

This has been a very positive decision so far. Personally, I prefer to market the Milestone video management software (VMS) because its open platform allows us to customize solutions to the regional end users’ needs. This provides the freedom of not having to depend on a specific camera brand alone. Thanks to the wide device support, all equipment is compatible with Milestone.

Milestone’s competitive advantage is its open architecture, which also allows for adding other components to the technology projects: video analytics, access control, radar and laser scanners, flexible data storage, etc. Milestone has more integration partners than any other VMS manufacturer in the market.

Getting to Know the Latin American Market

When the strategic alliance first formed, Milestone’s presence in Latin America did not match its global standing as number one.. The relationship with LAR Group has been pivotal for the company to grow its brand recognition and increase its numbers.

Part of this success is attributed to a deep understanding of the Latin American market, which has helped to identify the best opportunities for the VMS development and commercialization in the region.

Today, the biggest market for IP video in Latin America and the Caribbean is found in public security, transportation and related vertical markets. Even though the alliance has focus on these segments, we recognize that one of the shortcomings associated with public security investments is that they are carried out with public funding, which can be very difficult in terms of budget management.

With this in mind, it has been necessary to diversify our efforts with solutions directed towards the retail segment, which is one of the strongest verticals for Milestone – above all in Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

A Positive Face to the Future

In our experience, the electronic security market’s future lies in the analytics that solve the end user’s problems. This can benefit human resources (as there are less people monitoring cameras); the quantity and quality of the information provided by the platform, such as alerts and authorizations; and the possibility to respond more optimally when facing incidents.

In conclusion, video analytics provide higher efficiency, and the vast community of Milestone solution partners excel in this area. No other VMS company has as many analytical providers, and these products are very solid in operation with Milestone’s platform.

A Long-lasting Alliance

Without a doubt, the partnership between LAR Group and Milestone Systems will endure many years. It is a relationship in which both companies gain and are nourished – as are the customers we work hard to satisfy. Milestone’s top quality technology and its many open platform advantages, paired with our professional experience and deep understanding of the market, make this union a success for us, them and the industry’s evolution in the area.

By: Glenn Patrizio, LAR Group CEO