Aalborg City Saves Big with Open Platform Video

The Milestone-based security system at Aalborg municipality in Northern Denmark has improved the level of security so much that the municipality has saved more than one million Euros in insurance costs alone. At the same time a proactive approach for the use of security video has reduced the damages to property  significantly. In the case of the citizen center Trekanten, the losses from damage to property have diminished to zero after being more than 100,000 Euros a year.

The Milestone solution has saved us more than a million Euros in insurance costs. And the open platform technology is an important factor for us because it enables rapid rollout, flexible configuration and reduced cost of operation.  – Henrik Svenstrup, Video Management Software Manager, Aalborg Municipality

Fiber infrastructure enables centralized system

Aalborg Municipality

The Milestone XProtect Corporate video management software (VMS) installation has one management server and seven recording servers handling the feeds from approximately 300 cameras (at the end of 2014). This number is expected to grow significantly as more institutions get connected to the centralized security system. Aalborg municipality has determined that all security functions must be centralized and the necessary competencies must be insourced. This makes it easier for the individual institutions as they do not need to be concerned about living up to current legislation or maintaining the security systems. The high level of in-house knowledge also means that the municipality gains substantial savings installing on-site cameras and video infrastructure.

“The Milestone open platform technology in XProtect is a great advantage because it enables us to pick and choose from the widest range of cameras, and to select the optimal camera for a given task. The IT-savvy design of XProtect makes it easy for our IT department to integrate the VMS systems into the total IT infrastructure,” says Henrik Svenstrup,

Video Management Software Manager, Aalborg Municipality

The presence of in-house expertise also optimizes the cost of the video to the institutions getting connected to the video network. When an institution wants to get connected, a video consultant from Beredskabscenter Aalborg will analyze the needs and come up with a detailed proposal including number of cameras, type of cameras, their placement and the cabling. The proposal is so detailed that it even includes the port number on the switch connected to the municipality’s fiber network.

“Doing it this way ensures that we get exactly what we need. The detailed specifications enable very easy verification of the installation. Since we control the IT infrastructure, we are immediately able to detect if the camera is installed correctly. If need be, we can guide the installer on site, ensuring that the installation is 100% functional before the installer leaves the premises,” says Henrik Svenstrup.

An advantage of this project-based approach for video infrastructure is that the number of cameras for a given installation can be optimized. Beredskabcenter Aalborg is onboarding a number of local institutions and libraries to the central VMS. The open platform technology of XProtect helps Beredskabscenter Aalborg to ease the process thanks to the high number of devices supported by the Milestone VMS.

An important element in securing the buildings and assets of Aalborg municipality is the communications to the citizens about the video systems. The video security signage is bold, and the results of having video security deployed are communicated.

“We do not hide the cameras – they are clearly visible. When the word spread about apprehensions of individuals being identified on video, the negative behaviors ceased. And we do a lot to spread the word,” says Henrik Svenstrup.

This positive effect has resulted in saving nearly 100,000 Euros a year from vandalism and safety incidents falling to zero at the citizen center Trekanten.

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