The Post Team

Courtney Dillon Pedersen
Milestone Systems Communications Manager, Americas & APAC
Email:; Tel. +1 (503) 719-3439 (PST)

Court-lookingLeftAfter graduating from Boston University, Courtney worked in editorial, production and sales for newspapers, radio, and magazines, including Ms. and Esquire. Love took her to Denmark, where eight years with U.N. agencies included the communication needs of IT implementations. Microsoft Business Solutions and their partners were her next employers before she moved into the security sector with Milestone Systems in 2003. She has researched and written more than 500 customer studies, educating the market in the benefits of using IP technology. Courtney is now based in Portland, Oregon, after a quarter of a century in Copenhagen where she learned to speak excellent Danish. She sometimes tries to habla español and parle français with international contacts, but finds laughter to be the best universal connector.

Jos Svendsen
Milestone Systems Communications Manager, EMEA
Email:; Tel. +45 28 529 383 (UTC)

Milestone-JOS_Svendsen.PRManagerEMEABesides a degree in Movies and Media from the University of Copenhagen, Jos holds a Master of Science from the Institute of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. He was earlier with Carlsberg as Online Business Developer and with Microsoft as Online Marketing Manager and Partner Communications Manager. Jos also worked on the editorial side of newspapers as a journalist for PC World and Editor-in-Chief for Computerworld Denmark. His past as a video guru includes filming and producing music videos in the uniquely stylish early 80’s. He never had a breakthrough as an international pop star, but enjoyed being the ‘magic man behind the cam’ before jumping into journalism and strategic communications.

Karl Erik Traberg
Milestone Systems Head of Corporate Communications
Email:; Tel. +45 25 142 744 (UTC)

HYT0191With 25 years of international experience in business development, strategy, sales, marketing and communications, Karl Erik has worked as a consultant on projects for IT, security and defense companies. He was Director of Marketing at Alcatel and Director of Business Development and Director of Marketing & Strategy at Anritsu. His education includes a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Enterprise Resource Planning. Karl Erik grew up in Denmark, where he lives with his wife and identical twin sons. He has also lived eight years in Dallas, Texas, and one year in Nepal. Throughout all his travels, Karl Erik hones his love of photography, producing exquisite portraits of people, nature and foreign cultures from all over the world.