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At Milestone Systems, we believe that an open platform company fosters new thinking – thinking that is constantly refreshed and informed by our stakeholders. That’s why we’ve launched The Milestone Post: to highlight all the interesting topics of our mutual business, and to share them with each other in this central hub. Our goal is to generate insights that inform our thinking, add value to our efforts and help shape the world in which we operate.

This mini-site is organized by the different perspectives in our open platform stakeholder community: under the top Viewpoints menu we bring together our thought leadership from around the world to present an exploration into the collective Milestone universe of video intelligence.

  • Milestone Insider shares input from our own managers and employees. What are they doing and what are they learning as we continue to drive the convergence of video surveillance and IP-based business systems?
  • Milestone in the Field follows news and expertise coming from our partners and customers. Join us “on the road” to investigate what is really happening when our open platform technology is put into practice and demonstrated.
  • Milestone in the Press links you with savvy articles published or written by journalists, columnists and editors about our products, our people, our activities and our ideas.

These viewpoints can be related through bylined articles, blogs, customer and partner stories, interviews, opinions and comments, poll and market surveys, advice from experienced know-how, strategies, trends and innovative visions.

Send us your suggestions! Let us know what you think. What would you like to know or say?


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