Access and Video: Better Together

According to Security Sales & Integration magazine’s 2017 Gold Book, only 33% of dealers and integrators report that their access control installations also include some sort of integration with video surveillance, intrusion or other security system. There are many advantages to integrating access control with other systems, and it may be a lack of awareness that has kept this statistic at about a third of installations.

One of the most powerful integrations is access control and video surveillance. Together, these systems add an extra layer of security to a facility, as they help users avoid common risks, such as tailgating and the unauthorized use of access credentials.

boschaccesscontrol-xprotectmap-blogjan2017Integrating video and access control also enables alarm verification, displaying live video images from nearby cameras when there is an alarm event at a door – such as when a person presents an unauthorized credential or when a door is forced open. The operator doesn’t need to know which camera to display to investigate the event, as the system automatically displays the appropriate video on the screen – improving efficiency.

The ability to investigate an event from the operator’s workstation also means they only need to go to the alarm location when follow-up is necessary. This reduces the amount of time operators spend away from their workstations and better prepares them with an understanding of the situation when they do need to check the location.

Linking the time and date of access events to recorded video also facilitates easy playback of events and alarms. An operator can quickly find out what triggered an alarm by clicking to see the video right in the system’s event log.


In addition, video can be used as a proactive tool and allow operators to verify access requests for high security areas. When a reader is set for video verification and a person requests access, the cardholder’s image stored in the access database and live camera views automatically appear together on the screen. A front view camera allows for a comparison between the live camera and the database image, while an overview camera can help the operator determine that no other threats exist at the door. If all appears normal, the operator can manually open the door from his workstation to grant the cardholder access. This allows the immediate identification of threats, like the use of stolen credentials or tailgating, and helps ensure only authorized people are granted access to the facility or sensitive area within a building.

Benefits for the Integrator

Upselling access control to add integrated video offers benefits for the security dealer as well. It creates additional revenue and can help them provide systems that better meet the end user’s needs. The user may know they want to control access to their facility, but may not know what other possibilities exist through integration of access control and video technology. It benefits the dealer to educate the end customer on the more comprehensive solutions that are available. The dealer becomes a true consultant when they create solutions that improve security and efficiency with systems that are also easy to use.

Fortunately, the process of tying together access and video is simpler now than ever before, as manufacturers like Bosch offer solutions that provide these capabilities and work with partners to ensure integration with third-party offerings.

As part of our strategic partnership with Milestone Systems, Bosch Access Professional Edition is certified with the Milestone XProtect VMS. Using the XProtect Access Control Module, dealers can create an integrated system that displays real-time access control events and alarms in the Milestone XProtect Smart Client and that also provides control of doors, gates and barriers from within the video interface. Live video and views of recordings are also synchronized with access control events. The integration enables monitoring with video verification for fast response to incidents, including locking and unlocking doors or triggering a system lockdown.

Overall, integrating video is an effective way to add value to an access control system and, as explained here, there are many benefits.

roth_christy-bosch_mktgBy Christy Roth, Regional Marketing Manager, Bosch Security Systems, Inc.

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