Actions to Protect Workforce Safety: Security Beyond Fences and Doors

Security solutions are essential business systems, and uniquely positioned to deliver value that goes beyond traditional applications.  By leveraging Gallagher’s expanded access control platform, daily operations can quickly pivot to include new applications for risk management toolsets that support adherence of critical regulations during and post pandemic.

Protection of property remains a serious factor, as the safeguarding of people is now at the forefront of business considerations. In this time of upheaval, Gallagher provides intelligent, integrated solutions that focus on compliance with health and workforce safety standards, government and industry regulations, and business policy management.

The COVID pandemic requires organizations to develop sound corporate policy regarding duty of care while complying with federal, state, and local ordinances and guidance to keep the public and workforce safe.

Now fully integrated with Milestone video management software, Gallagher security solutions can mitigate the health and safety risks facing businesses, ensuring continuity of operations and a more seamless transition back to work.

Here are some actions to consider to help ensure health, safety, and security:

The cost of shutting down a site due to non-compliance, security breaches, infections, accidents or intentional damage can be proactively managed and avoided. Gallagher’s Milestone-integrated security management solutions can support you, your colleagues, visitors and contractors to be safe, secure, healthy and compliant.

From intelligent bi-directional integration with XProtect VMS to building management systems, people and time efficiencies gained through automation, policy enforcement and smart use of resources, Gallagher solutions are designed to save worry, time and money.

Gallagher solution delivers unparalleled business efficiencies with full integration of XProtect video verification to access control, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, health and life safety, people management, and business policy enforcement.

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