Adding Value With Online Training

Training is another way to add value, and Milestone is emphasizing its Learning and Performance Program, the new name for the Milestone Knowledge Program. The idea is to help the reseller channel with a brand new certification program and expanded training offerings.

Knowledge programs should be about learning for improving performance, not testing for short-term memory.

Our learning program is designed to improve on-the-job performance by roles and tasks.

We want to build expertise in our channel. It’s not just about products, but knowledge and how to apply that knowledge. The longer an install takes, the less profit there is, and we really want to help them develop their teams to be technical superstars.
– Greg Willmarth, Manager of eLearning & Performance at Milestone Systems

In addition to reseller training, Milestone now offers online eLearning for the end user community, including a program called “Getting Started with XProtect Smart Client” — also available for free on a flash drive that can be plugged into a laptop.

Given that there is a lot of turnover among end user employees who are tasked with operating the system, the eLearning tool quickly teaches the basics of interacting with XProtect — how to navigate, how to export video, etc.


Larry Anderson is the Editor at

Larry Anderson, Editor,

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