AI Takes Center Stage at Milestone Integration Platform Symposium

Excerpts from Paul Boucherle’s report on on the Day 1 happenings at MIPS 2018 in Las Vegas: Deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are focal points.

Milestone Systems continues to build upon their theme of building a business community through advances in technology and enablement of their open platform sandbox of core values. The message must be resonating as they have their largest attendance to date at the 2018 Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS).

Nearly 700 security pros are in attendance … includes system integrator partners that implement their solutions to their customers; technology partners that make new technology application innovations very sticky to Milestone; consultants looking for new perspectives and solutions to security challenges; plus, incredible thought leaders in both developing the future and customers that are deploying a rich fabric of technologies for well-dressed law enforcement professionals.

The evolution of thinking through new ways to define what we of average intelligence think was on display Tuesday when TED talk phenom Tanmay Bakshi took the stage and our breath away with his intelligence, grasp and very smooth delivery of what tomorrow will look like for the human race as the real power of what we know as artificial intelligence (AI) is actually defined. He also answered a question on everyone’s mind in the audience: Will AI replace us lowly humans? Tanmay assured us it will not, but will rather “amplify” us to new heights. For those that may have an occasional bout of dyslexia, his message is AI = IA, Intelligence Augmented.

Think in terms of being able to someday diagnose depression and even mental illness through deep learning fueled by high repetitions of video data “learning.” Today hospitals and doctors are using video technology for remote patient interviews in Australia, leveraging nurse power to keep constant vigilance in monitoring restless children in their care and follow-up after patient hospital checks by doctors.

We heard a great presentation by Capital City Crime Center C4 Technology Architect Sgt. Johnmichael O’Hare of the Hartford Police Department that widely expanded what law enforcement could do to ensure safer cities. This includes using a variety of technologies, such as Milestone, ShotSpotter, Geofeedia, Briefcam and Hartbeat to synthesize new and more efficient approaches to taking bad guys off the streets for longer periods of time.”

Regarding advances in processing power, “The current projection shared by Adam Scraba of nVIDIA is 1,000 x increases in processing powered by graphic process units by 2025. … The key issue is actually scaling of the 1 billion camera streams that require analysis to feed hungry AI deep learning software — physically and financially impossible without GPU muscle.

These are indeed very exciting times for those of us in the world of video technology that enable business solutions that can actually be measured while delivering results.

Finally, talking with people in attendance when I asked why they came to MIPS, the response was:

This is where we can get a look at the future today and meet the suppliers that make it happen.

Sounds like a good community to move into and raise a business.

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