Airports Create New Uses for Video Data, Beyond Security

Many airports today — traditionally spaces where travelers were content to buy a book and stare at the departure boards — are starting to look a lot like shopping malls. In addition to the expected newsstands, simple cafes, and local-product gift shops, they are now being joined by national retailers, food chains, and other services.

The strategy makes sense. With the decline in shopping mall popularity and a rise in online buying, many businesses are desperate for busy new places to set up shop. And with air travel at an all-time high, many airports are working to upgrade their terminals, making them more comfortable, competitive, and profitable for all involved. With all this growing activity, existing video systems are being tapped to assist in this effort.

As video becomes smarter, and as cameras come down in cost, many people are asking, ‘Can we add a camera here? Can we use a camera to perform a new function?’ Video monitoring is no longer just serving the purpose of security alone. The use of video at airports is becoming quite varied. – an airport video security technician

Public safety sits at the heart of airport operations. From the control tower to the tarmac, from the terminals to the taxi curb, airports are constantly adapting to meet potential threats identified by the security leadership and federal authorities. At the same time, they note that advances in software and systems integration have created uses that go beyond security.

There has been a real philosophy change at airports. added. As airport executives see the multiple benefits of video management systems, we’re being asked to find new and better ways to use and grow our business all the time. It’s a natural expansion of the system’s technology. – a veteran aviation/IT specialist

From helping manage parking lot fraud and ride-share systems, to providing traditional services for retail and restaurant businesses, the expanded role of cameras and open platform network video management software (VMS) like Milestone XProtect, helps airports leverage video data in many new and useful ways.

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By Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Communications Manager – Americas, Milestone Systems