Are Rhinos Going the Way of the Unicorn?

There is a discussion somewhere online about what is more plausible: a horse with a horn on its head or a horse-like animal with a neck approximately 1.8 meters long? In other words: the unicorn or the giraffe. One of them is a mythical creature, and the other, a wonder of the real animal kingdom.

And then we have the rhinoceros. In essence, rhinos are the true-life cousin of the dreamy unicorn. Unfortunately, most of the rhino species are critically endangered with the risk that they could join unicorns in the mythical realm if their extinction is not prevented.

The Copenhagen ZOO is doing what they can to stop this deteriorating situation. The ZOO is currently the home for a couple of Southern broad-nosed rhinos. The newest addition to the family is a rhino calf called Moloto, who is around 18 weeks old now.

Moloto is named after an area in the northwestern part of Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa, where many southern broad-nosed rhinos live. For more than 25 years, the Copenhagen ZOO has been working on the conservation of rhinos and active in the fight against poaching.

The ZOO offers curious animal lovers a unique opportunity to follow live-stream video of the rhinos enjoying their home in Copenhagen. ZOO TV is provided by network video solutions based on Milestone Systems technology.

Check what the rhinos are up to! Follow this link to see live footage from the rhino enclosure in Copenhagen ZOO:

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