Zero Downtime for Mission-Critical Video Surveillance Systems

As two technology-driven companies, BCDVideo and Milestone Systems haveMilestone-Certified solution shared a special partnership over the last seven years. So much so that in 2012 Milestone awarded BCDVideo its technology partner of the Year. And this year, BCDVideo’s Nova Series of Milestone-optimised recording servers was not only certified for use on Milestone’s XProtect software, but also rated among the top-performing units for video storage and management. The BCDVideo unit ran 150 cameras on a single recording server at just 32 per cent system resource utilisation, providing a potential to support a further 300 cameras per server. BCDvideo’s technology emphasis has been on high performance with reliability and robust scalability at the right price point.

Choosing Milestone and BCDVideo is about peace of mind for many customers. Those that need a high performance system with resilience levels which virtually eliminate the risk of data loss go for BCDVideo. And the fact that the video recording platform and SMARTcontrol management software integrates so tightly with the open platform XProtect, makes the combination increasingly popular.

Several market trends at work mean that more companies are specifying higher performance, robust, resilient and scalable BCDvideo servers married with Milestone VMS.

  • First is the fact that the market is finally moving away from stand-alone, analogue-based CCTV and in the direction of IP video. Video data now must be moved quickly and efficiently across the network.
  • Generally we are also talking about moving and recording more data. The cameras themselves are more powerful – multi-megapixel HDTV and HD cameras are being specified increasingly. 4K cameras are reaching the market in numbers.
  • In larger (and global) organisations video systems are being joined up and centrally managed to create management efficiencies. Often the scale of these tasks means that IT departments are involved in specifying the hardware and software to manage these new IP video systems.
  • Video systems are being specified and configured to do far more than just video surveillance. They are increasingly becoming business intelligence tools, providing vital management information which firms use to monitor how their business is performing. They are using this video-based information to help them make better business decisions which improve their bottom-line.

To read more about BCDVideo and Milestone’s partnership, visit Professional Security.

JeffBurgessby Jeff Burgess, President, BCDVideo