BCDVideo Launches Powerful New Milestone Accelerator Storage Solution

Revolutionizing how throughput is maximized in Milestone Systems video recorders, BCDVideo released today the BCDVideo Accelerator (BVA) equipped video recording servers for Milestone, which incorporate the company’s innovative accelerator technology and eliminates the need for extra storage solutions, including the costly and space-consuming 15,000rpm hard disk drives previously required to attain necessary system bandwidth.

“BCDVideo is dedicated to solving challenges in the security marketplace,” said Tom Larson, Chief Technical Officer, BCDVideo. “The new BCDVideo Accelerator is a leap forward in system bandwidth for video surveillance systems, benefiting both our security integrator customers and their end users by reducing costs associated with data storage.”

BCDVideo validated the new system using Milestone’s XProtect Corporate R1 2019 at 700MBps throughput and up to 2.2GBps throughput when adding a 10GbE Network Card Kit. Using existing technologies, a best-practices Milestone server needs eight Live Video 15K drives to maintain a 700Mbps throughput. The BVA Accelerator solution eradicates the need, and instead, replaces them with an additional 112TB of archival storage, thus reducing the financial overhead a second server requires, including in additional maintenance, power consumption, and labor costs.

“I am so proud of our engineering team. It was fun watching them create this solution from the ground up and the excitement in their faces as it was evolving,” stated Jeff Burgess, CEO, BCDVideo. “It wasn’t about the finished product as much as it was sharing in their adrenaline. Like the fountain of youth!”

“This is a prime example of how the Milestone community innovates by leveraging our video management platform for greater performance efficiency. BCDvideo is a global Milestone Gold Technology Partner, and we are glad to experience the continuing evolution of our relationship,” said Jeremy Scott, Strategic Alliances Program Manager, Americas at Milestone Systems.

The BVA Accelerator will begin shipping to customers in March. BCDVideo will showcase the system at ISC West in April. ISC West is the largest annual converged security trade show in the U.S., covering video surveillance, access control, biometrics, smart home, public security, drones, robotics, and more. Conference attendees showcase the newest security products and technologies, network with colleagues and security professionals, and gain valuable industry training.

BCDVideo works with the world’s top security integrators implementing security solutions certified by the top Video Management Software (VMS) and digital camera manufacturers. Their global footprint includes 70,000+ installed systems, spanning 74 countries and countless verticals.

Source: bcdvideo.com

This article was published first on Security.World by Jay Bartlett March 8, 2019 9:51 am