Better Together: Milestone and NetApp Talk High-Density Storage with Open Platform Video

Nowadays speed, reliability, and fitting lots of data into a small space are the standard storage requirements that businesses look for when selecting where and how to store their video surveillance footage.

In order to address these requirements, Milestone Technology Partner NetApp created a scalable storage solution that is easy to deploy and support. From government buildings to transportation hubs or casinos, data storage must be easy, reliable and scalable. Whether an organization has 200 or 200,000 installed cameras, data can now be accessed and retrieved in a heartbeat.

Milestone Manager Jeremey Scott sat down with NetApp’s Ted Hayduk to discuss this topic – and the strong partnership that brings together their technologies. They mention how the Milestone open platform video software is continually evolving, thanks to its community of developers who work together to create the latest innovations. Their deeper discourse includes the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) with machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks that are turning video images into more actionable data.

Watch the complete NetApp and Milestone video discussion on the Milestone LinkedIn page or on the Milestone Facebook page..

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by Barbara Rizzatti, Americas Communications Manager, Milestone Systems