BluBØX Security Brings Milestone to the AI Cloud

AI Cloud-Based Access Control and Video Platform manufacturer BluBØX Security, Inc. is proud to announce its new partnership with Milestone Systems. Any existing or new Milestone XProtect™ Corporate or Expert system can easily be brought to the BluBØX™ Cloud with a BluSKY Milestone integration. The integration also provides a vehicle for BluSKY AI, Access Control, Alarm Management, Visitor Management, Elevator Destination Dispatch, Intercom and Biometric applications to create a single unified security platform. The system can run simultaneously on premise and in the cloud making it accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time.

There are two architectures for integrating Milestone with BluSKY – On Premises and Direct to Cloud. With the On Premises architecture, the BluSKY plug-in is installed on the local Milestone server or any server on the network. For the Direct to Cloud architecture, the local cameras store video on a micro SD card or network-attached storage device and use Milestone hosted in the BluBØX Cloud. Adding AI through BluSKY Analytics and BluSKY Intelligence creates a smart system that proactively monitors and automatically adjusts system configuration and notifies the proper people when a security risk emerges.

BluBØX has taken a different path to solving the problem of providing access security. They are leading with new technology based on a platform approach to link systems together, using the new infrastructure of Cloud, Web and Internet to connect the necessary components to deliver to customers. Milestone is very excited to be working with this next-generation solution for access security. – Reinier Tuinzing, Strategic Alliances Manager, Milestone Systems.

BluSKY makes installing and supporting a Milestone system easier because all cameras can be configured in the Cloud. Every camera, from every system deployed, can be seen from anywhere on any device. Combined this with BluSKY Video Diagnostics and BluSKY VPN, and you can remotely support all systems without having to roll a truck.

Another unique aspect of the integrated product is that it is sold as a Video-as-as-Service (VaaS) subscription model as opposed to a perpetual license model. Pricing is based upon the number of connected cameras. The pricing model is an on demand- pay as you go, pay for what you use that is unique within the industry and very customer friendly.

We are extremely fortunate to have Milestone as our open video platform partner. The BluSKY Milestone interface allows users to be more connected to their video by extending it out to any device, anywhere, anytime using just a browser and internet connection. Combining this with AI and the unified BluSKY platform moves us to fully integrated smart security – this is truly unlike any other solution in the market. – Patrick Barry, CEO BluBØX Security.

To learn more about this integration, please visit: the Milestone Solution Finder and BluINFO.