Boring Toolbox 5.0 takes strides from time-saving deployment tool to indispensable management utility

The newly released Boring Toolbox version 5.0 has stepped into bigger shoes. The unique deployment tools for Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) are now designed to achieve long-term value as a critical part of managing your system infrastructure, much faster.

The 5.0 release of Boring Toolbox delivers updates like 24/7 live monitoring as a background service, multi-site management, scheduled reports and the all-new, innovative IOT Connector. These not only save more time and money but take your deployments through the next phases of operation.

Scheduled Reports: Compliance Verification

Remarkably reduce manual and repetitive labor, shaving time off demands on your resources with scheduled reports. And you can set up reports for different groups based on responsibility or geographic location – ideal for more efficient management of dispersed systems.

Improve Your Daily Routine.

Tired of logging in, running reports and downloading what you need? Set them up ahead of time. With the system always on, reports can be waiting for you in your inbox.

“You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that the system is always on to meet your compliance needs,” says Ronen Isaac, CEO at the Boring Lab. “The convenience of reports-at-the-ready on a schedule eliminates the need to remember to check for video retention compliance.”

Live Monitoring as a Background Service

Have your system monitored for you 24/7, ensuring video is available whenever you need it. Decrease time spent manually logging in and still be able to complete essential tasks.

Monitor your entire system without having to open the Boring Client dashboard. The service is always on to provide a complete view of camera and server status, and the ability to send email notifications – even when not logged in.

Multi-site Management Improvements

New multi-site hierarchy allows you to elect a parent site that when connected to, will load all managed sites underneath it, saving more time, and making the management of more complex XProtect installations even easier.

  • New hierarchical architecture saves all your managed sites, so they are ready to view on login.
  • Configurations can be pushed to managed sites from the parent site.
  • Sites are automatically loaded into your Global Dashboard:

IOT Connector Integrates Sensors

The new and innovative IOT Connector allows you to integrate new sensors quickly and easily into XProtect, making the Boring Toolbox even more valuable in the lifetime of your installations. Dynamic events simplify the process by eliminating redundant configuration tasks.

Event Listener receives messages from the IOT sensors and dynamically triggers events in the Milestone software. A simple wizard does it all, with improved workflows and flexibility. This eliminates the need for creating redundant events and rules in XProtect, saving time through exponentially reducing complexity.

“The Boring Toolbox 5.0 is really stepping up the management of medium-to-large Milestone Systems video installations. Adding ‘always-on’ capabilities to functions like live monitoring and reporting, the new hierarchical structure for multi-site management, and the IOT sensor integration to Milestone can make your life exponentially more efficient,” says Brad Eck, Owner Community Program, Milestone Systems Inc.

System Health to Keep on Running

At the heart of the upgrade is the addition of a database exclusively built for the Boring Toolbox. With this, the Boring Toolbox can retain archival information and create the services that are always on.

“Boring Toolbox 5.0 is designed to increase ROI and move beyond a time-saving tool into a critical part of your Milestone XProtect infrastructure.  This update brings even more long-term value to your VMS installation while improving on existing time-saving features and introducing the IOT Connector, making 5.0 the most versatile version of the toolbox yet,” says Dani Elias, CTO at the Boring Lab.


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