Brazilian Bird’s Eye View for Soccer World Cup

The football symbol of the city of Minas Gerais, called Mineirão Stadium, was redesigned by Johnson Controls to become a multi-events arena with an intelligent security system when being considered for the 2014 World Cup. It’s been 48 years since its opening, with a match between River Plate and Seleção Mineira, on September 5th, 1965. Mineirão has gone through several changes since 1965, including having been declared a heritage site.

The company’s challenge was to provide the market with high-tech solutions for the arena, with a technological level compatible with current standards followed by the main international stadiums abroad, while also meeting FIFA’s recommendations. -Emilio Miranda, Account Manager – Arenas – Controls, Security and Fire, Johnson Controls Building Efficiency

Johnson Controls installed 275 High Resolution HD Sony fixed cameras and 89 High Resolution HD Sony dome mobile cameras with optical and digital zoom, making a total of 364 cameras. Milestone Systems was chosen for the video management software (VMS).

The cameras were installed at strategic locations to allow monitoring of the internal areas, areas of interest, bleachers and critical sectors: corridors, within the parking lot, turnstiles area, playing field and many other places.

Central Operation Rooms and Systems Integration

All images generated by the CCTV system are conveyed to Mineirão’s Operations Control Center. “These pictures are monitored in real time, including during event days. All images gathered are stored on a server for a set amount of time,” says Otavio Goes, Technology Manager of Minas Arena.

To manage all the images that go through the more than 300 cameras in the system, Johnson Controls chose Milestone XProtect Corporate software, which monitors and stores the video images.

“Milestone XProtect Corporate is powerful video management software designed for large-scale IP. Among its advantages is the support for an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites. This system performs well in high-risk security installations,” says Goes.

There are two control rooms inside the stadium, next to the rooms for crisis management. All of the Arena’s systems are available to the operators: CCTV, automation, sound, editing and operation of big screen and access control.

“These rooms control the images from all 364 security cameras, including the lighting systems, alarms, the big screen, air conditioning and IT system,” says Goes.

Super Safe Systems

In terms of infrastructure, the Mineirão project also was carried out with great care to include the use of cutting-edge solutions with high levels of performance, security, mobility and quality of service through a converged technological architecture that meets the current needs of modern arenas. The architecture is based on a two-tier structure: Core (primary area) and Access (switch rooms). Two primary areas in dual configuration form dual-star architecture connecting the areas of access through fiber optic links.

The Data Center Switches are responsible for linking the Core switch to the internet output block that consists of a pair of firewalls and access routers, offering connectivity to the servers block that deliver services to the Arena, such as network management, network controllers, servers, CCTV, and access control servers.

The installation between the systems was progressive in phases. After the network was arranged, the security systems were gradually introduced and tested, and the integration occurred successfully, thanks to Milestone Systems and Johnson Controls.

Digital SecurityThis article was translated from the original in Brazil’s Digital Security magazine.