BriefCam Video Synopsis Certified Again by Milestone Systems

It’s good news that BriefCam’s Syndex EP/EP+, version 4.0 and above, integrated with Milestone Systems’ XProtect video management software, has been certified by Milestone. This certification further strengthens the companies’ long-standing partnership, ensuring that current and new customers benefit from XProtect integrated Video Synopsis solutions for enhanced security, operational management and business insights.

XProtect integration with BriefCam Syndex offers rapid video review, search and analysis. Processed video data can be filtered according to various classifications, such as color, size, people, car and animal. In addition, actionable data is presented in various ways such as heat maps, pathways and charts, enabling organizations to gain more value from their video data and extend the use of Video Synopsis beyond security – to retail and operational excellence.

Our partnership with Milestone began in 2009 with an initial technology integration. Since then, our products have matured to become ever more powerful. Our current offering, Syndex Pro, enables users to not only review hours in minutes, but to take that valuable video data, analyze it in a variety of ways for security, and then leverage the extracted metadata to the advantage of the enterprise as a whole. – Amit Gavish, BriefCam’s General Manager of Americas

Milestone Solution Partner integrations are assured through rigorous testing, evaluation and documentation with a focus on four areas: functionality, usability, performance and partner assessment. Milestone Solution Certified integrations provide end users, systems integrators and resellers extra confidence and best practice guidance to work with XProtect integrated solutions.

milestone-embedded-2016-street-path“This re-certification demonstrates the strength of the Milestone Solution Partner Community. Milestone and Briefcam have had a strong working partnership for the past seven years. As BriefCam’s Syndex product offering has matured, the Milestone SDK has also evolved to accomodate new features, like the ability to add a BriefCam tab in the XProtect Smart Client view where the Syndex parameters can be adjusted from inside the VMS user interface,” says Reinier Tuinzing, the Strategic Alliances Manager, Americas, Milestone Systems.

Tuinzing noted that the Solutions Certification Program provides BriefCam-Milestone installation customers with verified test result documentation on the functionality and interoperability of BriefCam Syndex Pro with Milestone XProtect VMS, adding that after the initial solution certification of the integrated solution, there are annual options for re-certification when Milestone or the partner launches a new product version.

The best part of this integration is that the BriefCam application is located directly inside the XProtect Smart Client – it’s very easy to integrate, and one BriefCam installation can be connected to multiple Milestone systems. – Reinier Tuinzing

Full configuration and performance data is available in the BriefCam Listing on the Milestone Solution Finder web site:  certification report. See also the article on BriefCam in the November Milestone Update newsletter.

by Rachel Neiman, BriefCam, and Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Milestone Systems