Building Expertise for On-the-job Performance

The way to meet customer demands comes with having the skills and tools to understand and address them. Milestone’s new Learning & Performance Program is developed with just this in mind: to build greater expertise in designing, installing, and configuring solutions that satisfy customer needs.

Milestone Partners and customers can access a growing library of free eLearning courses that are hosted on a new Milestone Learning Portal. Milestone has also launched a redesigned Training and Certification Program as an integral part of the 2016 Channel Partner Program (CPP), which differentiates these installers and integrators through proven skills with the open platform video management software solutions.

What does a Milestone certification mean? It is a brand promise from our company to our customers about the level of our partner community’s expertise. We intend to empower on-the-job performance to reduce the time for installations and improve the quality of project outcomes, to minimize risks and add more value for Milestone implementations.
– Greg Willmarth, Manager, Learning & Performance, Milestone Systems

The new instructor-led training classes use real-world scenarios to give hands-on practice in designing, installing, and configuring complex video surveillance systems based on Milestone software. The new certification assessments are available online, do not require attendance in a class, and are designed to better verify the knowledge and skill required to perform on the job.

Greg Willmarth“This is an exciting time as we bring to market this wide variety of learning tools to help drive high performance in the field. We also aim to raise the bar for certifications to indicate a proven level of expertise with our products rather than merely attendance in a training class,” said Greg Willmarth.

The new Milestone Learning Portal, provided by vendor partner BlueVolt, gives expanded, secure online capabilities, including:

  • A single sign-on user experience from My Milestone
  • Easy access to and completion tracking of eLearning courses
  • The ability to register and pay for instructor-led classes and certification assessments online
  • Availability in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Over the past year, Milestone began releasing new eLearning courses in multiple languages provided for free as part of Milestone CARE. These include courses for technicians on installing and configuring XProtect Professional software and Milestone Husky NVRs, as well as courses for end user operators on using the XProtect Smart Client.

Getting started, eLearning, WillmarthAdditionally, eight different eLearning modules were made available teaching how to use the new features in Milestone’s XProtect 2016 release. All the eLearning modules, which use hands-on simulations to walk learners step-by-step through the basic tasks required to perform on the job, are available online and can be accessed from tablets when out in the field.

Starting in March, the first new instructor-led class, Milestone Technical Configuration: Level 1 became available in English in the US. This 3-day class is 90% hands on practice using job aids to complete moderately complex installations based on real-world case study scenarios. It prepares learners to pass the new Milestone Certified Integration Technician (MCIT) assessment. When localizations are completed in April, this class and certification assessment will be offered globally. A Level 2 class and a Milestone Certified Integration Engineer (MCIE) certification will also be available starting in May.

For the first time, Milestone is also teaching a class and conducting a certification assessment on best practices in system design. The new 2-day Milestone Solution Design class uses a case study approach to teach best practice in designing surveillance systems that meet customer needs. This class and the new Milestone Certified Design Engineer (MCIE) certification assessment will be available starting in April.

Even correctly installing the best software in the industry won’t result in satisfied customers if the system wasn’t designed to meet their needs from the start. We recognized this knowledge and skill gap and realized we needed to expand our focus past our own software. – Greg Willmarth.

To ensure that the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond channel partners do in fact possess the expertise needed, Milestone’s 2016 Channel Partner Program requires both the design and technical certifications. The good news for partners who already possess the required level of skill with Milestone products is that training has been separated from certification. This means that skilled partners can take the certification assessment without having to attend a training class.

To learn more about these programs and access the free eLearning, visit the Learning & Performance web page at


Courtney Pedersenby Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Communications Manager, Milestone Systems