Coca-Cola Andina Bottles Up Security, Saving Costs with Milestone IP Video

Milestone Systems video management software (VMS) has been deployed for the Coca-Cola Andina facilities in Chile. With this globally leading technology, they have upgraded their video monitoring security from analog CCTV to a flexible and cost-effective open platform IP video solution built on Milestone XProtect Corporate VMS.

Coca-Cola Andina bottles billions of liters of beverages

Coca-Cola Andina is one of the largest bottlers in all Latin America, servicing franchised territories with almost 52 million people. In 2014, Coca-Cola Andina delivered to market more than 4.7 billion liters of soft drinks, juices, and bottled waters. The facilities in this location feature four production plants with 18 buildings, and approximately 5,000 employees. The building sizes range from 20 to 67 acres each.

Given this large scale of the properties, the company undertook a project to completely upgrade its analog security system. Today, Coca-Cola Andina has a modern IP network-based video security system that helps the company secure staff and assets, and reduce operational losses.

Coca-Cola Andina previously had a basic analog system that did not allow them to control real-time asset security procedures or perform forensic analysis on images to determine the cause of errors. – Romina Zamora, Commercial Manager at CTIS-GROUP, the integration firm for the project.

XProtect Corporate gives easy map navigation of the video from the many Coca-Cola properties

Cost Savings in the Thousands

The Milestone IP system allows video to be recorded and viewed by authorized users from anywhere on the network, and provides centralized control of multiple sites. This capability helps the company reduce the need for duplicate staff or security equipment in each location, with potential savings of thousands of dollars. Maintenance and service costs are also reduced because IP-based systems can be maintained, upgraded, monitored or even reconfigured without reinstalling or pulling new cabling.

Since we started working with the Milestone system, we have lowered our intrusion rates, which is of the utmost importance because there are banking entities within our facility. – Guillermo Ampuero, Deputy Manager of Security and General Services at Coca-Cola Andina, Chile

The central control room is operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with two operators per shift focused on managing security procedures by executing automatically triggered responses, such as zooming in on an object that is generating an alarm, or displaying video events that present risks. They are mainly responsible for perimeter security and control of logistics procedures to reduce internal losses.

The result has been very positive. Milestone innovates every year adding new features to the software. Last year, maps and geo-referencing were incorporated, which allow us to show that our choice of platform grants an excellent return on investment. – Romina Zamora.

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Courtney Pedersenby Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Communications Manager, Milestone Systems