Colombian Engineer is a finalist in Milestone Kickstarter Contest 2019

Adolfo Wilches, the CEO at Cibersoftware Automation, is one of the four finalists in the international Kickstarter Contest 2019, an annual innovation challenge sponsored by Milestone Systems, the globally leading provider of open platform video management software (VMS). This contest is designed to encourage the development of unique solutions for video management that can connect with the XProtect family of VMS offerings.

Adolfo’s intriguing entry is a Smart Internet of Things Helmet (SIOTH): a wearable product designed to monitor the health of its users.

“The head generates numerous control signals, and thanks to the electronic infrastructure that we developed in the helmet, we can send all this data in real time to a monitoring center that uses the Milestone XProtect Smart Client interface. So, in case of an emergency, it transmits reports directly to the operator so that he or she can execute the required actions,” said Adolfo Wilches, CEO of Cibersoftware Automation in Colombia and Cibersoftware in the United States.

The helmet has an integrated camera, which is very useful for real-time recording of critical situations. The prototype of the solution is designed to be used by motorcyclists, industrial workers, firemen or other first responders such as police and other professionals.

“This solution will be very helpful for employers, allowing them to handle insurance issues more effectively and offer greater protection to their employees,” he said.

Representing Latin America

Adolfo Wilches is a systems engineer who graduated from Universidad Central in Bogotá, Colombia, and he has risen to become a CEO. Having achieved more than 19 years of professional experience, he is the first Latin American finalist of the Milestone Kickstarter Contest.

“We are confident that we are developing things the right way, and that is the reason we are being noticed and rewarded,” Adolfo explained.

The winner of the Milestone Kickstarter Contest 2019 will receive a prize valued at more than USD$65,000, which includes:

  • Cash prize of USD$10,000.
  • USD$20,000 in development resources, including design evaluation, feedback and a Milestone Certified Solution Certification that is based on testing with result documentation.
  • USD$35,000 in global marketing activities with Milestone Systems.

The winner will be announced at the MIPS EMEA conference for Europe, Middle East and Africa that will be held March 27-28 in Copenhagen, Denmark.