Collaborative Inter-Agency Security for Ring of Protection

When I last checked in with Milestone about the Ring of Protection city surveillance program here in Minneapolis, I felt we were onto something big. In just a few short years, this installation has grown to involve more than 30 entities, including cities, counties and state agencies (like schools, the Department of Employment, and disability service buildings).

Photo credit Chris EvansBack in 2014, the software platform was the focus. The idea of having the same platform city-wide was appealing, because the uniformity would make it easy for officials to assist at any site when needed. The focus is now on sharing the video between entities. We’ve extended beyond software to the infrastructure to create a live environment between agencies.

We’re starting to see more inter-operations between police, local healthcare, businesses and with the school district. Police have started to recommend using Milestone solutions in different agencies and positioning the solution as “let us help you more quickly.” When they sign on to use Milestone, they’re allowing Police to do just that.

The nice thing about the Milestone platform is that it has stayed true to the original vision of being an easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate and deploy solution. There’s a consistency throughout the full solution. When you’ve mastered the basics, you’ve mastered the entire system.

My ultimate goal for the next few years is to arrive at a point where we can get Milestone endorsed from a mayoral level. If we can gain buy-in from people at the top who believe in the concept and promote it—that would create a powerful, collaborative effort for advancing the safety and security of the entire region.

TimFerrian-ProTecMNby Tim Ferrian, Vice President, Pro-Tec Design, Inc.