Cybersecurity Course, Video Tutorials and Best Practice Checklist Help Milestone Community Gain Expertise

Milestone has expanded the Learning & Performance Program for our channel partners and customers. The newest additions for supporting XProtect VMS deployments include a course on Identifying Cybersecurity Threats and an interactive Best Practice Deployment Checklist. Free online video tutorials further improve operational skills in the Milestone community.

The Milestone XProtect Deployment Best Practice Guide now has a fast 5-minute intro to show how to use this great reference tool for planning, installing, servicing and upgrading XProtect VMS products – and it has an interactive companion Deployment Checklist that can be clicked straight to the relevant product installation.

Technicians and engineers can track their progress step-by-step through a project and add notes.

Milestone has also put out a new course called Identifying Cybersecurity Threats. This important online class covers a broad scope of cybersecurity topics that could impact XProtect VMS installations and other corporate IT systems and assets. These topics affect both end-user organizations as well as systems integrators who design, deploy, and support the IP video surveillance systems. People completing this course will be able to identify threats against:

  • Network, server, client, and device vulnerabilities
  • Physical access and tampering
  • Human or behavioral vulnerabilities

Almost 74% of those who took this course on identifying cybersecurity threats said they “definitely will recommend” it to others and noted that it “describes general attacks and methods while explaining XProtect-specific security options”, providing “comprehensive coverage of cybersecurity with good examples”.

Other participants reported: “It gave me information about things I did not realize as being cybersecurity issues, like social-engineering” and “The way it handles the type of threats is the best way to remember them. Using the checklist to deter a potential malicious activity is great guidance and advice for security personnel”.

The mission of the Milestone Learning & Performance team is to empower the Milestone community to perform on the job. A record number of eLearning completions are proof that these partners are dedicated to learning how to successfully and efficiently design, implement and manage Milestone solutions for their customers.

Thousands of Milestone Partners use our Learning & Performance program monthly to achieve greater expertise for successful customer installations, and we continue to develop new ways to support this. We want Milestone Partners to be well educated when working with our products, and the checklist is a great tool to show customers all that’s being accomplished. – Greg Willmarth, Director of Learning & Performance at Milestone Systems

In Q1 of this year 13,643 eLearning courses were completed. In 2017 nearly 6,000 Milestone Partners completed 46 eLearning courses 31,000 times, spending on average 14 minutes per session – which is the typical length of a course. That dedication pays off: 87% reported being more confident in performing tasks in the field after taking an eLearning course. Also in 2017, more than 7,000 end users increased their knowledge: Milestone customers accessed more than 10,000 modules of Using the Smart Client and Web Client.

To date Milestone has also published over 60 free video tutorials on the company’s YouTube page, that clearly and concisely instruct on installing, configuring and operating XProtect video management software. Closed captioning is available on all videos and Google Translate to change text language.

Check out the video tutorials:

Take the course on using the XProtect Deployment Best Practice Checklist!/coursedetail/115979.

Access the XProtect Deployment Best Practice Guide

Sign up for the course on Identifying Cybersecurity Threats!/coursedetail/111144.