oOh! Media Digital Billboard Integration Is Unique Marketing

Billboard1_highresWhen it needed a targeted campaign to attract the attention of potential buyers on their way to the Melbourne airport, Porsche worked with billboard supplier oOh! Media, the largest audience-reaching digital advertising network in Australia. It has a diverse product offering across road, retail, airport, café, venue, study, social sports and experiential opportunities throughout Australia and in New Zealand.

Porsche wanted to take advantage of the flexibility and creativity that digital billboards provide. The challenge to oOh! was to create a smart billboard that was able to detect Porsche vehicles and display a custom message to their existing customers. To accomplish this, oOh! searched for technology that was capable of analyzing all oncoming vehicles to identify potential customers, and fast enough that they could display targeted content to those vehicles in seconds.

The custom-integrated solution immediately recognizes the targeted audience and delivers custom billboard advertisements accordingly. The Axis cameras provide high-resolution shots of the cars, and the feeds can be viewed and shared easily with the Milestone software. Milestone is able to manage different streams and resolutions without delays or technical difficulties.

Benefits of Open Platform Architecture

John McGiffin, Managing Director at Digital Experiences, is currently using Axis cameras on the billboard, but appreciates the flexibility that Milestone’s open platform affords, as the software supports over 150 different brands of network video cameras in thousands of models.

This is the first pilot project with oOh! Media, but this security solution is portable. I like the idea that I can choose any camera vendor for other projects based on cost and functionality and be confident that integration will go smoothly. It’s a great thing not to have to worry about. -John McGiffin, Managing Director at Digital Experiences

Ease of Use Impresses Partner and Customer

McGiffin is no stranger to traffic monitoring. He designed a system that used IBM video analytics to monitor people in supermarkets, specifically focusing on customer traffic at certain times of day as well as people’s age and gender.

JohnMcGiffin_DigitalExperiences-Intelliscape_Australia“I first heard about Milestone through IBM,” McGiffin says. “They did all of their testing with Milestone. When I started looking into it, I saw how powerful a platform it is. I also found it to be really intuitive and easy to use.”

John Purcell, Commercial Director at oOh! Media, says he was also impressed with Milestone’s video management capabilities.

“When John first showed us the VMS, I was amazed at what was possible,” Purcell says. “It’s easy for us to both look at our audience and provide quantitative data to our advertisers.”

Looking to a Smarter Future

Purcell and McGiffin both see this project as the beginning of an exciting new trend.

“There’s lots of interest in how to make billboards smarter,” Purcell says. “With technology such as this providing us the ability to monitor and analyze traffic, we are looking at how this could create amazing new opportunities for our advertisers to connect to our audiences.”

Purcell says that European companies have already expressed interest in purchasing the proprietary solution, and Porsche has been so pleased with the campaign that discussions about expanding the solution worldwide are under way.

I’ve been swamped with offers to purchase the solution John has created. It’s an exciting time for digital advertising. There is a lot of potential to push it further, and Milestone video technology is right at the heart of it all. -John Purcell, Commercial Director at oOh! Media

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