Buenos Aires Districts Hold First Tech Forum on Citizen Security

Intelligent cities, urban video surveillance and cybersecurity were the main themes of “Smart & Safe Cities”, the first technology forum dedicated to security in Argentina. Milestone Systems joined representatives from multiple municipal authorities and other industries to participate in the forum dedicated to technology and security, where the latest solutions for the development of cities were discussed. It was held May 11-12 at the Dr. Arturo Frondizi Convention Center in the capitol city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This conference was attended by 150 participants, including security professionals from the municipalities of the Province of Buenos Aires, representatives from state-owned organizations and spokespeople from manufacturing companies, distributors and integrators of security technologies.

Among the manufacturing companies present, there were several Milestone Technology Partners such as: Anixter; Axis Communications; Agent VI, BriefCam, CommScope, Gvision, Iluminar, Neural Labs and Rasilient.

This event – which is the first of many in focus for the Argentinian government – was the perfect opportunity to show the country’s municipal authorities how technology applied to security protocols for the efficient and synergistic management of possible solutions could connect a city, solve urban problems and significantly improve the quality of life for all the inhabitants. – Pilar Gómez, VP of Marketing Solutions at Anixter, a distributor of Milestone and other security products and the organizer of the gathering.

Vicente López, a Model to Follow

The district of Vicente López – located in the north of the Buenos Aires province – was invited to the forum to share its experience when updating their video surveillance system to new technology.

To meet this goal, the district chose to partner with Milestone Systems, due to their software platform’s ability to integrate different technologies, their robust support of large systems and their ease-of-use for the personnel in charge of operations.

Martín Gasulla, Deputy Security Secretary for Vicente Lopez, said thanks to this project, the district now has an integrated system and uses the technology as a base for the creation of its public security policies.

Today we have over 1,300 video cameras providing a crime information platform that processes Big Data from different sources to converge in the Urban Monitoring Center. This solution includes control panels, license plate capture, the ability to generate statistical reports in an instant and real-time forensic analysis to automate alerts and reduce operational time in the search for events.

He also stressed the importance of the support they have received for the XProtect Corporate version of the Milestone software that has not only enabled them to integrate devices and systems but also gives them quicker access to the community information in the event of an atypical situation.

 Milestone Systems Support Services

One of the sessions held during the forum was ‘Milestone, the freedom to choose for smart people like you’, given by Manuel Hernández, Director of LAR (Latin America RepGroup), a representative of Milestone Systems in the region. He spoke about the company’s Professional Services that promote the experience and spirit of working with Milestone technology, which offers the benefit of personnel available to assist users with problems or incidents.

Hernández also highlighted Milestone’s certifications, Learning & Performance courses and deep scope of information available on the web to support partners and end users.

In addition to having certified channel partners capable of providing Milestone solutions, LAR has distributors in charge of logistics and efficient pricing with a focus on serving end user needs.

Important themes that were addressed involved connected cities, from the perspectives of the technological impact that this generates in the digital platform and the challenges that it poses at the infrastructure level. New tools for traffic analysis can even save lives with the process of transforming video into a functional intelligence mechanism.

In addition to Milestone Systems, the conference program featured speakers such as Guillermo Quintanilla, Product Introduction Manager at Axis Communications; Carlos Morrison Fell, VP Enterprise Field Application Engineer for the Americas at CommScope; Manuel Nylen, Director of Sales for Southeast US and Latin America at BriefCam; Elías Valcárcel, CEO at Neural Labs and Hugo Villareal, Regional Sales Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean at AgentVi.