Eastland Mall Upgrades Video with High-performance Quantum, Milestone and Axis

When Australian systems integrator PMT Security Systems helped a major shopping centre upgrade its video surveillance system, they were quickly overwhelmed by an explosion of data. The answer turned out to be a combination of open-platform solutions from Axis, Milestone, and Quantum. The new system provides the coverage the customer needs, supports enhanced analytics, and fits neatly into the shopping center’s existing data center—all while meeting tight budget constraints.

They wanted to cover more areas and have much higher-resolution images to make identification of activities and individuals much more specific and reliable. And they wanted to roll out newer technology with the capability of turning security images into a tool for making better business decisions for the center and its tenants. – Darren Taylor, managing director at PMT Security Systems

Expanded Capabilities Create Crisis for Existing Data Centre

To provide more coverage, more cameras would be needed—about 600 to start. The new system needed to provide higher-resolution images, and the data needed to be retained for a much longer period of time—a full 90 days. The software had to provide additional levels of recognition, tracking, and analysis. The new solution also had to fit the customer’s budget, and the space in their existing data center.

The extra resolution, additional cameras, and longer retention were essential to giving the analytics software the data to provide an additional layer of business intelligence. Video analytics have come a long, long way in the last few years. The best give good approximations of demographics for people visiting the location, including age and gender, and overlay that data with behavior patterns, so businesses can see where customers stop—at what displays or stores they spend the most time. It’s a potentially powerful tool for helping retailers do a better job of serving their customers, but it takes a lot of data to make it work. It meant upgrading from relatively simple video appliances to a full-blown enterprise-scale network and storage system. – Daniel McMahon, project manager at PMT

Proven Interoperability with Quantum, Milestone and Axis

We looked at solutions from literally everybody in the storage and surveillance market. And we found a solution set combining technology from several different vendors that solved all the problems neatly and worked together seamlessly.  –  Jack Caponnetto, operations manager at PMT.

PMT recommended Axis Communications to provide premium IP cameras with the range of resolutions needed for different applications: pan/tilt/zoom, protected dome mounting for areas needing that feature, and pinpoint autofocusing—even in really challenging light conditions.

The team chose Milestone Systems for video management software (VMS), and RetailNext for business analytics software.

Milestone is really the best choice we found for managing the network and all the pieces, and making sure that everything came together. RetailNext gives end users what is probably the most advanced set of point-of-sale, big-data analytics on the market. Both Milestone and RetailNext work together via open architecture APIs to provide maximum flexibility and value over time. – Daniel McMahon.

McMahon says that the very best solution for the storage side of solutions was Quantum’s StorNext software and QXS-5600 disk.

The StorNext M440 appliance is easy to install and maintain. And its StorNext 5 software includes a high-performance file system specifically designed for video applications, so it writes data over many parallel streams for maximum performance. – Daniel McMahon

The QXS disk, besides providing cost-effective capacity, works with StorNext to provide very high-streaming performance, industry-leading density, and easy data retrieval through the VMS—all features that are critical in many security applications.


Read the full article on Eastland Mall’s video surveillance in SEN magazine.



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