FBI Citizen Academy Graduate to be Expert Speaker on Cybersecurity

Organizations approach the FBI all the time to come with experts to talk about cybersecurity and other topics. So the FBI is now training Jeremy Scott to do cybersecurity presentations as a guest speaker.

Why Jeremy? He has been working with police and other authorities while at Milestone Systems, a global leader in video surveillance management software, after stints at Netech Corp, Telecom Technicians and Corporate Protection Systems. He knows some things about IP networked systems and devices – including their increased potential for vulnerabilities to cyber attacks these days.

In addition to his sales manager duties at Milestone, Jeremy took the time to attend the FBI Citizens Academy in 2017. The Citizens Academy is a program that gives business, religious, civic, and community leaders an inside look at the FBI in classes that meet in the evening at the local FBI field office. Candidates are nominated by FBI employees, former Citizens Academy graduates, and community leaders. Participants are selected by the special agent in charge of the local FBI field office.

“We learned some intelligence and counter-terrorism techniques. We had to work with the CSI teams and their bomb threat team, and we also got to participate in a mock hostage rescue at their training facility. Later that year, we also got to tour Quantico, FBI headquarters,” relates Jeremy.

The mission of the FBI Citizens Academy is to foster a greater understanding of the role of federal law enforcement in the community through education and open communication. The coming expert-topic presentations can be given to public and private agencies, municipalities, and more.

“I’m now going through the extra training, to be one of the FBI guest speakers that can help fill the need for more information on cybersecurity threats and measures,” says Jeremy. “I’ve been involved in a lot of public-to-federal-to-local municipalities as a liaison between the federal law enforcement and our local authorities. It’s been a really great experience.”

That liaison work can be focused on specific issues or topics.

Jeremy explains: “If the FBI get flooded with a lot of questions or inquiries about specific things, they’ll reach out to people like me, and we’ll talk with local law enforcement and community groups to say, ‘Here’s the real thing that’s going on. I know you guys are curious.’ They train us on what we should say, what we can’t say. It’s very exciting to be involved with it.”

The FBI Citizens Academy graduates also have an alumni association.

“I get together with our peers that went through the program, even in other regions. Once a year I get to participate in the FBI Memorial Services in our Cleveland field office, being part of that. It’s just amazing to have that connection,” states Jeremy.