First Responders Get IP Video Training from LEOTTA with Technology from Razberi, Milestone and Axis

Razberi Technologies, Milestone Systems and Axis Communications collaborated in a law enforcement operations pilot training course where more than 2,000 law enforcement officers from the midwest U.S., Canada, and Costa Rica attended. It was held during the 2019 Ohio Tactical Officer Association training conference.

The pilot course was one of 200 courses provided at the conference and designed by Jack M. Hall, co-owner of LEOTTA (Law Enforcement Officer Technology Training Associates). The course was developed to introduce students to the benefits and real-world scenarios of using IP cameras for law enforcement operations like video surveillance.

Hall has nearly 20 years of experience delivering technological training to law enforcement, and his company (LEOTTA) specializes in interactive, technology-based training for law enforcement and public safety.

During the pilot, students were given hands-on training with a variety of market-leading video surveillance technologies. Milestone provided their XProtect Video Management System (VMS), Razberi provided their network appliances Rugged™, ServerSwitchIQ™ and health monitoring software, and Axis provided their PTZ IP network cameras.

All these technologies were necessary to provide the comprehensive course materials:

  • Overview of the evolution of analog surveillance to digital IP video technology
  • Introduction to Axis IP cameras
    • Working the camera functions, setting motion detection zones, alerts, and PTZ Gatekeeper functions as they would relate to investigative or critical incident operations
  • Importance of camera orientation and the uses in different types of law enforcement operations and surveillance goals
  • Introduction to Razberi network appliances
    • Razberi Monitor™ to manage the health of Axis PTZ IP cameras
    • Razberi Rugged™ demonstrated easy IP camera security from one device and MAC address security alerts from an outdoor appliance
    • Razberi ServerSwitchIQ™ showed simple shared connection to Milestone XProtect VMS
  • Introduction to Milestone XProtect video management system
    • How to import the cameras into the management client
    • How to set motion detection in the management client
    • How to set the cameras to RTSP protocol in the management client
    • How to view live or recorded video, bookmark, share evidence, etc. with XProtect
  • Introduction to Siklu wireless network extenders
  • How to extend the local video management system network to be accessed by another network for viewing or control of the video network at a distance

Throughout the course, instructors pointed out that Razberi ServerSwitchIQ is an all-in-one appliance that serves the purpose of: PoE switch to power the cameras and view the web interface with a laptop or other wired device through the PoE switch.

“The pilot class was a success: student feedback was extremely positive and useful for our final development of the three-day course,” said Hall.

All the products for the course were used with integrated harmony to provide a complete solution for law enforcement operations. Final development of the course will be launched in Detroit later this year, according to Hall. “The Razberi Rugged was enjoyed by students – they remarked on the ease of using one device to set the network and cameras.”

Attendees who engaged with the Milestone, Razberi, and Axis products were impressed with their capabilities and were interviewed, with this feedback:

“Enjoyed the hands-on experience with the camera web interfaces and easily shared the it with multiple students logged into the interface (via Razberi ServerSwitchIQ) to view on their computers.”

“The web interface was simple to set up and I had little difficulty following in-course instruction for IP camera lab practicals.”

“Quite impressed with the ease of use with the Milestone video management and appreciated the program interface.”

“Connecting the Siklu wireless network extenders to the basic router for internet connectivity and the Razberi appliance were quite simple through the web interface.”