Five Tech Tools to Deploy Your Video Smoothly

Over almost a dozen years working in Technical Support at Milestone Systems, it’s clear to me that there is always a need to find new and innovative ways to distribute information, and to educate our partners and customers. Sharing knowledge ensures the best outcomes for any technical installation, and everybody wins when competence is continuously developed in many ways.

Milestone realized this early in its history and began certifying the installing channels’ skill levels at its first partner conference in 2006. And they must update the certifications bi-annually to retain their Milestone Partner status. This fosters higher quality implementations of our software and thereby greater satisfaction in partner performance and customer operation.

The eLearning modules available on the Milestone website prepare partners for the rigorous certification tests, and many other courses that are available offer rich resources that they or their customers can leverage to ramp up expertise at any level. There are training options based on job roles, including a dedicated Customer Learning Portal for operators of the system.

In addition to our eLearning and certification, Milestone makes available many other resources to make sure that users get the most value out of their XProtect video management system (VMS).We like to share these resources with our partners and customers to help make their deployments a success, and I’d like to share some of these with you in this blog post.

From my experience helping our partners and customers, I recommend these 5 key Milestone tech tools to check out:

  • Milestone Best Practices Guide: This guide contains our best advice direct from Milestone Systems R&D, on how to configure your XProtect system for maximum reliability and ease of use. There are lots of great tips in here on how to configure and optimize user accounts, network traffic, and connections to database and directory services, so that everything flows smoothly. Following the advice in this document is a great way to make sure your XProtect system gets started on the right foot! Access the Milestone Best Practices Guide here.
  • Milestone XProtect VMS Hardening Guide: This guide describes physical and digital security measures and recommendations on how to secure Milestone video software from unauthorized access or cyber attacks. The guide covers important cybersecurity topics, such as encryption, two-factor authentication, user rights, and how they contribute to the security of XProtect systems. Click here for a copy of the Hardening Guide.
  • Milestone XProtect Hotfixes page: Applying the latest patches and hotfixes for your XProtect software is smart IT practice, and it’s one of the best ways to make sure your system stays up to date with the latest performance improvements and protections against cybersecurity threats. Milestone has recently consolidated hotfixes for all of its products, under one easy-to-access webpage. All Milestone users can always stay up to date on their products. Check the new Milestone XProtect hotfixes page here.
  • XProtect ‘Backup Configuration’: This is not a document or a webpage, but rather a feature that is built into Milestone XProtect. Backup Configuration – just as it sounds – is our way of helping users preserve and protect their XProtect configuration, once it is set up to a desired specification. This feature is a great way to guard against unplanned downtime. By maintaining regular backups of the system configuration, savvy system administrators can easily restore to a known good configuration in the event of an external problem, such as hardware failure or power loss. In addition to helping with disaster recovery, having backups makes it easy to migrate the system to new hardware, if you decide to expand the system.
  • Milestone on YouTube: The Milestone YouTube channel has over 300 videos covering a wide variety of XProtect features and functionality, industry trends, surveillance and security concepts, customer use cases, and much more. Many of the videos are under five minutes in length and can be used to quickly come up to speed on a particular topic. This is a great option for users who need to quickly learn about a feature, without sifting through extensive manuals. Get to the Milestone YouTube channel here.

I’m sure you will find these tips and tools very useful. Knowledge is power in the information age, and I know that the information contained in these resources can help make your XProtect system more reliable, more secure, and deliver a better overall customer experience. That truly is powerful.

By Steffin Burton, Senior Manager, Technical Support at Milestone Systems