Smart City Goyang Enhances Safety with World-Class Surveillance

To boost tourism and fight crime, Goyang City in South Korea today has replaced more than 2,500 video cameras that are now managed with Milestone software for a seamless 24/7 security surveillance solution. Milestone Systems is the globally leading provider of open platform IP video management software (VMS).

Goyang is one of the 10 most dynamically developing cities in the world, and is now safer than ever. The civil safety staff are equipped with Milestone’s integrated IP video solution to crack down on crime-prone districts and blind spots in the city. As a top tourist destination with a rich 600-year history, Goyang City attracts thousands of tourists annually. To ensure a safe and pleasant experience for both citizens and tourists, the city implemented a comprehensive, integrated overhaul of its security solutions.

With the previous video surveillance system, many incidents of downtime occurred, requiring a manual reboot each time its function failed. Staff resources were heavily over-utilized, as several members had to be placed on duty around the clock for constant monitoring, which added to already high maintenance costs. In order to maintain security and more effectively conduct 360-surveillance checks, Goyang City chose Milestone XProtect software to replace its old video system. Working in partnership with Omecca, a Milestone Platinum Partner, Goyang City implemented an integrated surveillance solution that offers scalability, flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

With more than 2,500 new video cameras to deploy, it was crucial to ensure a seamless transition without causing disruption to daily operations. Omecca worked with Goyang to replace the old video management sysytem with Milestone XProtect VMS. Within two weeks, all video cameras were replaced, and each staff member authorized to monitor approximately 100 cameras simultaneously, using the carousel feature and comprehensive XProtect Smart Wall overview.

As the city continues to grow, we are confident that the Milestone system can be easily expanded to accommodate additional security demands. Public safety is of paramount importance, and we are committed to investing in the latest technologies to help us reduce administrative time and improve the efficiency of our resources. – An Dong Soo, Head of Civil Safety Center, Goyang City

Benjamin Low, Vice President APAC, at Milestone Systems, said:

We understand the importance of public safety in Goyang, the smart city of South Korea. The upgrading of Goyang’s video management software to a flexible and future-proof one is a huge step up to that, and we’re delighted to have worked with one of our Platinum partners, Omecca, to help Goyang achieve their safe city vision.

Milestone provides Goyang with the scalability and flexibility to expand on the security with more innovations at any time. After the initial installation of 2,500 network video cameras, an additional 2,200 cameras have been added – bringing the total number to 4,700 cameras at present.

Milestone XProtect also helps operators respond rapidly to unfolding events with the integration of two new modules of software – a facility management system and a video application for remote searching/playback/export of video data from other locations. This open interoperability designed by Milestone Systems enables installing partners like Omecca to implement best-in-class solutions for customized security thanks to a future-proof, scalable platform.

The ability to install flexible, scalable Milestone software on our existing hardware infrastructure, and to subsequently add new features such as the interoperability with facility management software and remote video exporting, has helped us make continual improvements in the quality of our video surveillance technology. – An Dong Soo

Milestone Systems is committed to working with Goyang City Hall to provide industry-leading video surveillance solutions for public safety. As the smart city of South Korea, Goyang will continue to grow, and the open platform integrated surveillance system will be able to meet its security needs.

See more details in the full Goyang City customer story.

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