Help Make the World See! Come to the Milestone Developer Conference.

Developers are a vital part of the Milestone open platform video community. Using our Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop integrations for and with our world-leading XProtect video management software (VMS), innovation is being created all over the world.

In October, a special Milestone Developer Conference is being dedicated to our software developer community. It is the next step in engaging developers in co-creating solutions that will help bring video technology to every corner of the world.

This two-day conference will highlight how system developers can make the most of the Milestone Integration Platform SDK and roadmap, find inspiration, get intrigued by new ideas, make new discoveries and become part of a growing network of peer developers and Milestone engineers.

The conference is free of charge and open for all developers both in and outside the Milestone Community. Register today!

More info and signup here:

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