Hospital in Bulgaria Handles Safety and Patient Care with Milestone Video

Uni Hospital is one of the largest healthcare projects developed in Bulgaria. With more than 20.000 patients a year, the security is extremely important, not only to keep the visitors and patients safe, but also to prevent potential risk for the staff and expensive medical equipment. The system was an integral part of the whole hospital enterprise right from the start.

Their video monitoring solution is used mainly for hospital safety and surveillance to reduce the number of security-related incidents to near zero. The outdoor cameras are used for perimeter security, including the parking spaces and the entrances. Indoor cameras mainly cover the hallways. There are cameras in the rooms housing the hospital’s multi-modal, linear accelerators (PET scanners) giving the hospital 100% situational awareness for these important installations. The ability for proactive management also results in reducing operational costs.

The complete technology solution combines a Milestone Husky M50 NVR with XProtect Professional video management software. The Milestone XProtect Smart Client is integrated with 3rd party integrations – access control with biometrics and fire alarms. All the network video cameras are Hanwha Techwin 2 Megapixel models.

In Telelink and Milestone we found reliable and impeccable partners.

Ensuring patient care and keeping the hospital a safe place
The security system is used for monitoring open spaces, parking and common areas. It plays a very important role in controlling and monitoring the quality of service and care for patients. One of the hospital management’s main goals is for patients to receive excellent attention at any time. With care for the youngest patients in mind, 24-hour surveillance is provided for the neo-natology unit. The continuous video surveillance of mothers and baby incubators allows the staff to spend their time more efficiently.

With the integration of biometric identification (fingerprint) into the access control system, access to critical premises such as laboratories and drug stores is controlled. Doctors and nurses have access only to premises that are directly related to their work.

Security has been a key part of the whole project right from the start: the design of the infrastructure and the placement of cameras therefore could be optimal. The same goes for the implementation of the access control and fire alarm system. The flexibility and openness of the Milestone software design has been a major advantage. Thanks to this innovative system, the hospital doesn’t need to invest much in physical security since reliable surveillance is achieved with fewer human resources. The automated events and alarms from the system minimize the risk of human errors and reduce significantly the operating cost: a single operator is able to take the work usually performed by 3 or 4 people.

Milestone’s IP video surveillance platform fully meets our requirements. The security system was implemented with high quality, in a timely manner and within budget.

The flexibility of Milestone open platform software enables the hospital to expand and optimize the system to meet future needs. This technology also means the hospital can choose the optimal cameras and devices for future tasks, and easily deploy best-of-breed add-ons to XProtect from the global community of Milestone Solution Partners.

About MBAL Uni Hospital
Uni Hospital provides multi-profile service and has 19 clinics and wards available to its patients. It has 310 beds, 718 highly qualified medical and non-medical specialists as well as the latest generation equipment that is unique not only in Bulgaria but in the entire Balkan region. More than BGN 400,000 is spent annually on staff training. Over 20,000 patients visit the hospital each year.

The investment in the construction and equipment for the Uni Hospital amounted to over BGN 90 million. This is the largest investment in Bulgarian healthcare in 25 years. Because of it, Asarel – Medet JTD and Asarel Pnagyurishte Health JTD received the Investor of the Year award in 2015 from the Bulgarian Investment Agency, as well as a First Class Investor award from the Ministry of Economy.