Integrating Tech Tools to Safeguard Workplaces

As businesses reopen in phases and employees return to work, companies are faced with new challenges beyond traditional security to protect people during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Milestone Systems’ XProtect open platform video management software (VMS) enables the integration of other applications and devices needed for returning to work. This can empower companies and organisations to pivot quickly within the framework of their security installation.

What will the new normal look like? Most of us are now used to the floor markings at grocery stores that keep customers shopping and queuing at a safe physical distance. Staff at the registers have protective screens, hand sanitizers and wipes are made available, and carts are methodically cleaned between uses.

These are simple yet effective tools that we’ve gotten used to, but how do businesses adapt to the coming levels of safeguard normality, as countries around the world start to ease restrictions?

There has been a swift emergence of new solutions to market using technologies that have traditionally been standalone options. Some were existing hardware that’s been rebranded for new applications. Others include analytics that now deliver a newly effective purpose.

One thing is for sure, we are entering a life where technology now more than ever will play a major role in keeping people healthy and safe.

The role of technology in the new normal

Consider what the new standard of requirements might be for public and commercial environments, hospitals and aged care facilities, critical infrastructure, transportation and our educational institutions.

Most established businesses will have existing technologies installed that could be ready for a refresh. These technologies may be proprietary or, more than likely, a combination of disparate, standalone systems working to solve singular applications, such as perimeter security, access control cards and burglar alarms.

The traditional systems need to be able to incorporate new work requirements, so it is beneficial to have a management solution with a truly open architecture as a flexible platform that can scale and expand.

A top concern is proximity detection to mitigate potential risks of disease transmission. Having an open platform in place enables a scalable approach to incorporate into your infrastructure the ability to address physical distancing in areas where more people congregate. An open video management platform can integrate with video analytics for people counting and crowd management to trigger alerts for fast response or to modify work procedures.

Businesses will also need to segment and rotate work schedules of teams, and manage their staff onsite at different times. They must implement new work protocols and staff requirements which will need to be enforced to ensure compliance with health regulations.

Marketplace for the new age

We’re entering a new age where what we once knew as normal will certainly not be the case in future. It’s important to work with open and scalable solutions which allow you to combine multiple solutions, customised to address changing processes and requirements.

Milestone Systems enable you to operate a solution that’s fully integrated and scalable to meet changing needs and keep workforces safe while maintaining efficiencies in uncertain times. The Reopening Page is your starting point to find technology partner add-ons you can leverage for social distancing, temperature detection, protection and tracking technologies.

Stay safe, be open!

This article is adapted from a LinkedIn post by Mike Metcalfe, APAC Business Development Manager at Milestone Systems.