Interview with BCDVideo Founder & President

I recently contacted Jeff Burgess, founder and president of BCDVideo to see what’s going on in the world of video data storage.

Why are purpose-built IP video servers and storage critical to a successful security solution?

Video solutions are different from typical database applications in the constant stream of video data written to the dBCDVideoisks. Normal business data is not a constant demand nor the same volume. The ability to run 24/7 with zero downtime allowance is critical when the video is needed for immediately accessible suspect location as well as for longer-term evidentiary needs.

Today’s IP video server needs to be so much more sophisticated with video analytics, facial recognition and other uses of the captured video coming into play.

There is also a trend to longer retention time for businesses and organizations to have access to the data. IP video has become the mission control for the surveillance system and regardless of what’s happening on the edge at the camera level, if the system is not recording it, it is all for naught.

What is the biggest mistake integrators make when looking for security systems?

There is a risk of failure when the integrator appears not to look at the complete symmetry of the project infrastructure and to scope it fully. Is it robust, scalable, compatible, and most importantly, reliable? As it is, the integrator has to deal with so much fragmentation within the offering, utilizing numerous brands within his solution, so it is important that the individual pieces are purpose-built to work with each other. BCDVideo offers a calculator that if used can guarantee an optimal outcome.

Why do ‘White Box’ solutions often fail the user?

BCDT04_VRA_140-4_Bay_Tower-image-1 blue-green ON lightsThe term ‘white box solution’ is an oxymoron: there’s really nothing ‘solution’ about it. It’s a box. Built on the cheap. Any savings, if any, are negated over the course of time. Customers can assuredly expect failed power supplies or RAID controller incompatibilities, especially as security firmware packs are downloaded or even months after initial deployment, following a network service pack or hardware update. These ‘Dr. Frankenstein’ units are a hodge-podge of parts generally based on component price point over symmetric compatibility. Generally, there is no consistency in the components in the box. Often the builder of the white box server swaps component parts for cost savings in data availability, and this creates instability within the machine.

There are other factors to consider such as chassis certifications, warranty, and system liability. And not to overemphasize the importance of video recording, but consider the potential life and death implications of the data. The system simply needs to be ON. It needs to be recording or ready-to-record via motion 24/7. Is anyone really going to trust that to a white box these days considering all of the implications?

BCDVideo capitalizes on the known reliability of HP components and optimizes servers for the video environment, unlike white box servers.

What are the features that make Milestone’s solutions so essential to the security market?

The overall ease of use with Milestone software for the end user is a key feature and the open architecture of the software can communicate with third-party devices and other systems such as intrusion detectors, analytics, biometrics and access control. The software is designed to be scalable.

Why is having a unified solution important to the video market?

By unifying video, access control, and intrusion a very powerful solution is created where the end user can utilize one efficient interface and have full awareness of what is happening within their environment without having to jump around from system to system.

Integrated solutions demand more processing power, and BCDVideo addresses these needs.

What does BCDVideo do to work with Milestone’s software to offer the best solution?

BCDVideo, Milestone SystemsBCDVideo builds best-practice Milestone video server solutions, systems that are designed for use in XProtect environments ranging from 50-5,000 cameras, optimized and guaranteed to meet these needs if the BCDVideo specifications are followed.

Many of the large solutions require three RAID sets for the utmost performance. We have worked closely with Milestone’s engineers – both in the United States as well as Copenhagen – to develop a stable, scalable, robust infrastructure to drive the Milestone XProtect platform in operation. BCDVideo systems have passed the Milestone Solution Certification.

We are most proud of our 2012 Milestone Technology Partner of the Year award, especially considering that BCDVideo does not sell Milestone software in our channel, so it is not a sales award but a recognition of our expertise in building servers specifically for their solutions, as a cornerstone of our partnership success. Each and every one of our Milestone servers are purpose-built for that particular project to allow for maximum performance and to surpass the end customer’s expectation.

Courtney Pedersenby Courtney Dillon Pedersen, PR & Communications Manager, Milestone Systems