Introducing Balto! Driven with Milestone; Powered by Dell; Developed by Seneca

Balto™ by Seneca is a comprehensive physical security system builder developed in collaboration with fellow industry leaders. Endorsed and verified by Milestone Systems in partnership with Dell, Balto by Seneca is purpose-built to support system integrator demand.

This new hardware line integrates Milestone XProtect video software with Seneca’s innovative xConnect remote management and Maestro optimization platforms.

“Seneca was inspired to bring forward a comprehensive offering and worked closely with Milestone to validate the technical elements. Together we have developed a purposeful and intentional hardware line-up that complements the Milestone XProtect software to support system integrator demand from the channel,” said Tim Palmquist, VP Americas, Milestone Systems.

Seneca’s xConnect remote management platform has an easy-to-use dashboard to audit, manage and act remotely. Instant alerts report problems before customers do, making system integrators more proactive. Off-site control means less truck rolls and more efficiency.

Maestro optimizes the system to be up and running in minutes instead of hours. Years of value engineering has been channeled into an intuitive dashboard that eliminates hundreds of keystrokes. No need for an internet connection or data transform from external drives!

SBAR is the Seneca Backup and Recovery System, already included as a built-in factory backup. The new SBAR can capture a snapshot of the OS, Apps, customizations and settings with an easy 3 clicks. This brings flexibility to restore systems to a factory image or from a snapshot – all in one place.

Effortless to launch, easy to manage and backed by Seneca’s superior customer service and Dell’s guarantee, Balto sets a new standard for physical security.