Introducing the Milestone Troubleshooting Assistant

Occasionally, there are issues that arise in an XProtect VMS system. Fortunately, there are a host of resources to help you out and get your issues resolved, your system fixed, and your solution optimized. While sometimes you may need to consult with Milestone Technical Support Professionals, there are a few free tools that you can use to get up and running on your own.

What is the Milestone troubleshooting assistant?

The Milestone troubleshooting assistant is a self-help online tool that helps you identify issue causes and walks you through resolving them. The free online Milestone troubleshooting assistant is a recent addition to the free troubleshooting eLearning courses, extensive Knowledge Base articles, and robust User Forum. The assistant guides you through the decisions that identify the root cause of an issue and then walks you through the steps to resolve it.

What can the assistant do for you?

The Milestone troubleshooting assistant is an interactive decision tree that provide support in maintaining, upgrading, and troubleshooting many common issues, such as:

  • Being unable to log into the Smart Client
  • Being unable to add a camera
  • Having server performance issues

The guide leads you through a branching process where you select answers to questions that are more and more specific to your issue. The assistant leverages and complements our Knowledge Base articles among others.

How to access the assistant?

The troubleshooting assistant is available online, and is also accessible through the Milestone Support Page. Milestone will regularly update the troubleshooting assistant and add more guides to address additional issues as needed.