IONODES HVR8 is the First Hybrid Cloud NVR Verified as a Milestone System Builder

Users can now deploy a hybrid video recorder running Milestone XProtect® software locally while benefiting from innovative cloud features accessible through a mobile app.
IONODES is a market innovator in dedicated IP video appliances and a Milestone Technology Partner, who has just launched the first hybrid cloud video recording appliance verified under the Milestone System Builder Program. The device offers local and cloud recording capabilities and numerous cloud functions available through the IONODES Video Cloud mobile application.

The IONODES hybrid cloud NVR is called HVR8, and it provides a simple way to deploy a powerful Milestone XProtect video solution locally, with the benefits of the cloud platform and the free mobile apps for iOS and Android. Users can now record video from cameras locally using Milestone’s video management software, while enjoying simple and secure access to live video from anywhere, anytime. Automatic video clip archiving to encrypted cloud storage, management of alerts and camera status notifications are included.

“The IONODES HVR8 is the ideal cloud-enabled solution for our integrators who want to offer an 8 to 16-camera recording device with hardware compatibility verified under our System Builder Program,’’ stated Peter Lintzeris, Sales Manager Canada for Milestone Systems.

The hybrid cloud recording system enables automatic video backup to encrypted cloud storage of all motion-based video clips, offering redundancy to video recorded locally on the HVR8. It gives peace of mind to know all critical event-based video clips are protected against theft or breakage of local equipment.

The HVR8 is compatible with most camera brands and incorporates eight PoE ports for direct connection to cameras, eliminating the need for additional network equipment. The HVR8 manages the cameras locally through the Milestone XProtect software and serves as a gateway to the IONODES Video Cloud for managing, viewing and recording cameras remotely.

“Our close partnership with Milestone has been significant in the design of the HVR8, a simple, powerful and flexible hybrid video solution that perfectly meets the needs of our customers,’’ stated Steve Green, Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships for IONODES.

The IONODES HVR8 is available through distributors, resellers, and representatives in Canada, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa.

See the Milestone System Builder verification information on the Milestone Marketplace:

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