ISONAS Pure Access Cloud Now Integrated with Milestone

ISONAS Inc., a leading Pure IP™ access control system manufacturer, has announced integration of their newest software application, Pure Access, with XProtect Access, an add-on product to Milestone’s XProtect  video management software (VMS) that enables customers to directly integrate their access control system with the video management. This unique solution provides seamless interoperability of the Milestone XProtect VMS with the ISONAS Pure Access software.

Launched in 2016, Pure Access is an industry-leading, cloud-based access control software application that manages access control from anywhere at any time, on any device. With IP and the Internet of Things dominating the market, the complete ISONAS and Milestone integrated system marries perfectly with a customer’s existing IP video infrastructure. The combined power of network-based Pure IP™, panel-less access control technology and IP video management software provides a unified, efficient solution.

The integration delivers real-time monitoring with video verification and control of both video cameras and access control systems from one centralized interface.  This integration creates a better security experience by matching the live events to a comprehensive database of recorded video and access to the event; and accomplishes this in a superior, easy-to-use interface.

ISONAS is extremely excited to continue our successful partnership with Milestone through our newest products. As access control as a service continues to expand, we are happy to unify operations with the power of the Milestone Open Platform Community and provide greater choice to customers through a seamless video and access control integration. – Melissa Stenger, VP of Product Management & Marketing, ISONAS

XProtect video management software was designed from inception to be a flexible, scalable foundation for ongoing innovation and growth. The Milestone belief in an open platform extends beyond camera support into areas like access control systems that have historically stood apart from video surveillance.

Traditionally, the security industry has been proprietary, whereas ISONAS and Milestone’s open community philosophies go hand in hand, making them a perfect match. Their systems’ integration gives customers more choice in their hardware, software and video management system, freeing them from the limits of closed systems and providing a path to the best of all platforms.

Currently, 80 percent of access control installations are implemented with a video system in some way.

Customers now want systems that go beyond the traditional scope of access control running independently. ISONAS and Milestone understand the needs of the market and have partnered together to create this unified video and access control solution – driven from the cloud or on-premise – that makes it easier for customers to secure their facilities now and in the future.