It’s NOT a Wolf!

The intense image of a bright blue eye standing out over black and silver fur really grabs your attention, doesn’t it? The photo clearly conveys that we mean business. Being in the video surveillance industry, our persona is mirrored in this image. When threats, theft, and safety are involved, we want to show this intense focus on watchful patrol.

So, what’s the story behind this eye chosen for our company ‘mascot’, and what do our partners think of it? When a ‘dog eye’ graphic was introduced on the Milestone website in late 2004, the growing thousands of partners who implement our video management software (VMS) related to it immediately, saying when we met at trade shows: “Hey, the wolf is cool!”

I think they liked the powerful stop-effect of the watchful blue eye, staring right at you. It really looks like it means business – there’s no messing around. And security is the business of safety, dealing with threats, catching the bad guys in the act.

Wolves tend to rove at night, and many security incidents occur under the cover of darkness, so perhaps the partners also like the idea of our software acting like a wolf roaming customers’ property during off-hours, making sure locations are protected by something that can alert and respond immediately – a virtual tour of duty that has proven to be a force multiplier and valuable tool for guard services, police and property owners alike.

But guess what? It is not a wolf’s eye in our graphic!Milestone-DOG_Eye_cropped_highres-2015

It’s the eye of a Siberian Husky.

This fact surely became clear when the Milestone Husky line of NVRs was announced in the fall of 2013, with a marketing video of Husky dogs running across the snow into the city to ‘Unleash the Power’.

Why was a Husky eye chosen for our company ‘mascot’? At that time, the majority of security system installers and surveillance product manufacturers in the industry had picked other creatures with watchful eyes – eagles, owls and cats – to represent their monitoring capabilities. I was looking for something different to set Milestone apart.

Milestone Systems is ‘The Open Platform Company’, as our tagline has long stated. We develop video management software that is based on open platform architecture. This allows other companies to integrate their products and systems with ours for value-added solutions and endless innovation. Our business model ensures that we work in an open environment of partnering with integrators, installers and other manufacturers all over the world.

With this company culture in mind, I chose the Husky for its renowned team-player approach: no sled crosses the tundra with one dog alone – it takes a team to create the strongest pull. The Husky is powerful and can go the distance: Reliability is one of Milestone’s core values. In fact, our company values of Reliability, Openness, Independence, Flexibility and Innovation make up the initials ROIFI, which internally has become the dog’s pet name!

When I learned that our partners were calling the graphic a wolf, however, that also seemed appropriate. Wolves mate for life, and Milestone is in business with our partners for the long haul. Our open platform technology is future-proof for its adaptability, scalability, and ability to upgrade over time. We support our partners – and their customers – with ongoing releases, technical support and continuing education.

husky_03We updated the Husky graphics for our event signage in 2014, and with the roll-out of Milestone Husky NVRs we get to expand on the symbolism of these creatures that work in teams for combined strength of purpose. One decade evolves into the next as new pups are born and grow up. Just like Milestone Systems is doing with our global team of partners.

And when the full moon comes each month, we won’t be sitting around howling. We’ll be running full speed ahead – together – across the open landscape of the future.


Court-lookingLeftby Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Communications Manager, Milestone Systems

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