Jersey Becomes Safer With Milestone Video Software

The States of Jersey Police sought to improve their aging CCTV that they managed across the island’s town center, airport and harbor, besides their headquarters-based custody suites. They also wanted to enable specific police officers to have secure access to relevant cameras to help them track suspects between the island’s key entry points, with a view to reducing crime.

After a review of VMS systems, Milestone XProtect Corporate was chosen. Milestone enables permission-based access to images, set up and managed via Microsoft Active Directory. Milestone Interconnect provides resilient integration with all four XProtect Express VMS systems, which themselves manage and record video data linked to the four separate CCTV systems.

Headquarters also saw an upgrade of its CCTV control room. A new six-screen video wall with 42-inch NEC Hiperwall displays high resolution images displayed and managed by XProtect Smart Wall. Operators determine which cameras are seen on their desktop and the video wall during incidents using an XProtect user interface controlled by standard keyboard and mouse.

Jersey Police say they have been able to deliver centralized management and maintenance efficiencies, while also supporting the force’s goal of making Jersey a safer place to live in and visit.

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