JFK Terminal 1 Improves Security with Milestone Video

Previously, Terminal 1 at JFK International Airport relied on a limited analog surveillance system and an older IP system that operated independently of each other. Both were inadequate and lacked the functionality the terminal needed: operators could only view video from specific workstations, it was difficult to replace or add cameras, and it was not easy to integrate with other systems.

To design and implement a new solution, the airport worked with security integrator Media Wire, LLC. The New York-based integrator designed and implemented a Milestone XProtect Corporate video management software platform to manage its 500-600 cameras, including the installation of 160 new Axis cameras. Providing video on-the-go, the Milestone Mobile client is used by air terminal managers to view video on their mobile devices.

“We installed an extensive 10 gig fiber network to support the bandwidth needed for current and future cameras. All cameras provide video at the maximum resolutions and frame rates – no corners are cut. It is simply unacceptable to minimize the system’s capabilities and performance because a component is not up to par with the rest of the system. We are keeping this a top-notch installation,” said Laszlo Tordai, Owner, Engineer and Technician at Media Wire.

Migrating the terminal’s old analog system to an advanced IP video management software (VMS) platform was no small feat. Due to the airport’s high-security environment, the old system and all of its cameras had to remain operational around the clock throughout the migration to IP network video.

Migrating Terminal 1’s system required upgrades to ensure a solid solution from the ground up. New high-speed fiber optics, switches, PoE injectors, software, workstations and operating systems were installed.

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Courtney PedersenBy Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Corporate Communications Manager, Milestone Systems