Las Ramblas in Cayala City Opens Up as a Safe City

In the Guatemalan city Cayalá, Las Ramblas has officially been recognized as a ‘Safe City’ for reforming their security systems. Milestone IP video management software monitors both walled and open-design areas, its open platform technology chosen for managing IP-networked video and maintaining continual surveillance over the city’s projects. Network video cameras from Axis Communications are also used, some with crossline detection video analytics. EMC Isilon servers provide the data storage.

The open platform architecture of Milestone software is compatible with the previously installed security equipment, which unifies the interface between different brands, while featuring larger capacities in its servers as well, which optimize resources. The combined solution makes the process of obtaining valuable information, taking action and preventing incidents more efficient.

Highly rated and classified as a spotless city, Ciudad Cayalá (Cayalá City) features impressive colonial buildings, wide pedestrian areas, greenways and – most importantly – a sense of security throughout its streets. Designed by urban planner Leon Krier, Cayalá is located in Guatemala’s capital city. His objective was to create a virtually independent city within the capital, away from crime and the problems known commonly to affect it.

The first residential areas that were built stood out due to their signature white walls but this closed city model led to some criticism related to class division and isolation of the Guatemalan upper class. So the city’s residential community, Las Ramblas, was created as an open zone that forms a part of the commercial area and the Cayalá offices.

Las Ramblas and the project’s future residential phases do not have walls, but are instead open, connected areas. It was exactly this aspect of Las Ramblas that led to its security systems – specifically those designed for open areas – being put to the test. The goal was to maintain the same standard of existing security among the other phases of the Cayalá project.

A Plan that Integrates Technology, Infrastructure and People

In Cayalá there are more than 1,500 residences, over 400 offices and businesses, and over 50 lofts. At times, the area involves more than 20,000 visitors daily. Thus, one of the clear and principal objectives was to offer a safe environment for visitors and residents; as a result, Cayalá took on the idea of being a ‘Safe City’ from the beginning.

Luis Pedro Rodas is the business manager of Revolution Technologies REVTEC, S.A., the firm that worked with Cayalá to find a security solution. He explains: “In order to carry out a challenge of such magnitude, the city selected Milestone Systems XProtect Expert software as its technological platform. Working together with human resources and processes, it provides the necessary information to take action and prevent security incidents.”

All of the Axis cameras are connected to the Milestone video management platform, which interconnects three surveillance centers. For video storage, Cayalá uses EMC Isilon, which holds up to 30 days’ worth of footage.

Several virtual security rings exist in Cayalá. Those who enter are being monitored, and although there is no physical wall, there are technology systems, human resources and policies at work. – Luis Pedro Rodas

Reaping the Benefits of a Successful Program

This security plan made it possible to restore the trust, peace and quality of life that had been lost in other cities of the country. – Héctor Leal, engineer and Cayalá general manager

With an investment of over 2 million dollars in technology, Cayalá has been able to introduce the concept of a ‘Safe City’. The routes of its residents and visitors alike are monitored thanks to a combination of over 120 elements provided by human resources, processes and technologies, which together make it possible to obtain information, take action and prevent security breaches.

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