Learning & Certification: Training for the Shift in Industry Roles

With the universal migration toward IP-based security systems and the increased demand for higher-level systems integration, the security industry is seeing a major shift in the roles of its professionals. This is having a big impact on skill requirements within the industry. We recently spoke with Greg Willmarth, the director of learning & performance for Milestone Systems, to discuss how these market advancements are impacting the company’s approach to learning, certification and on-the-job performance assurance.

Q. The security industry is in the middle of a transformation. As a technology provider, how is the shift in core knowledge needs impacting your training efforts?

A. Well, there is a big shift happening, and like many manufacturers and technology developers in this industry, we’re constantly working to provide our customers with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Early in 2016, we began rolling out a completely new training and certification program, with the goal of increasing the level of on-the-job expertise in designing and implementing solutions.

As more integrators enter the IP video market, often with limited IT experience, we see a growing need to help ensure that they have the skills to successfully perform in the field. After all, a certification is a promise to customers that the certified individual has the necessary level of proven expertise for successful system design, installation and configuration. Our reputation, as well as the integrator’s, is on the line. To best deliver on this promise, we began creating new training tools from the ground up in three different areas: eLearning modules, instructor-led workshops, and certification assessments. We focused on elevating the on-the-job performance of our partners, as well as globally growing the number of people with proven expertise in the design and implementation of IP VMS solutions.

Q. You mention global partners, who are independent integrators and installers; how do you reach them?

A. To jump-start channel expertise with our products, especially our business-ready solutions, we began developing an extensive eLearning program. The goal of these short, on-demand, self-paced modules is to provide learners with a basic level of knowledge and skill in designing, installing, configuring, or using our products. With the goal to support job performance, each module focuses on the key tasks and steps that need to be completed. As opposed to passive training videos, these interactive eLearning modules make it easy to navigate to the exact job task desired and get hands-on practice completing the steps through interactive simulations.We offer an ever-increasing number of eLearning courses for integrators and reseller partners, as well as end-user customers.

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