Let’s Create an Intelligent World Together

Did you know that it would take more than 5 million years to watch the video that’s crossing global IP networks every month in 2021?

We all know that more and more data is created every minute of every day, across the globe. A vast amount of this data is and will increasingly be generated from digital video stored or distributed via communication networks. How do we handle this growing amount of data in a smart and safe way that helps us make intelligent decisions in life and at work?

It’s all about how we can increase the level of intelligence within digital video systems. And this is where machine learning and neural networks come in. Machine learning is a field of AI that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Neural networks is a machine learning technique, inspired by biological neural networks.

The beauty of neural networks is the ability to learn to do tasks by considering examples. In short, they can watch and learn, generally without task-specific programming. When it comes to image recognition, neural networks identify images that contain a certain object by analyzing examples that have been manually labeled as that specific object. The results are then used to identify the same kind of object in other images.

By deploying neural network technologies, video content analysis exceeds the capabilities of your average rule-based analytics systems. Instead of just evaluating a few pre-defined situations, neural network-based video content analysis can learn directly from the video. It can learn about objects and their normal behavior, alerting the operator in case of unusual activities. Neural networking technologies provide operators with expert assistance in a fraction of the time it takes for any living operator today to make a qualified decision.

This is just one way of handling digital video data in a smarter and more intelligent manner. Many other promising technologies are currently evolving, and this step into the world of intelligent video is not one any VMS manufacturer can take alone. There is a need for highly specialized knowledge and new specialized services.

Our open platform technology is the foundation for intelligent video systems and our partners have the expertise and infrastructure needed to reach the next frontier in intelligent video solutions. Together, we can provide unlimited solutions for our customers.

Milestone Community Days (MIPS) 2018 is all about how we can create an intelligent world together.

Will you be joining us?

by Hans Jorgen Skovgaard, VP of R&D, Milestone Systems.