What Does Partnership Mean? The Milestone Community Speaks.

The term partnership is getting a lot of attention lately. Partnerships are on the minds of many security professionals because today’s more open-platform, IP-network technologies require integrators and manufacturers to work with a range of partners to provide the best combined solutions for customers.

Networked technologies with open architecture are continually advancing, driving integration and interoperability across the enterprise. And while proprietary, end-to-end solutions remain an option, integrators have realized how open solutions can more flexibly accommodate end-user technology requirements and are a much better business investment over time as new innovations and changing needs occur.

“It’s interesting to watch the evolution of our industry. If you were to look at the business 15 years ago, everything was an end-to-end solution. It was a closed network and that’s not a viable business model anymore simply because of the speed of innovation and technology. Everybody talks about the Internet of Things. From our perspective, it’s not about a camera, it’s not about a motion detector, everything now is just a node on a connected infrastructure. Therefore, the community now becomes critical because we’re talking about an ecosystem, we’re talking about best-of-breed, but we’re also talking about a highly intelligent end-user community with immediate access to information. Now community becomes hypercritical.”Dan Murray, Director – Key Accounts, Bosch Security Systems

With a host of technologies gaining traction, including high-performance, ‘smart’ buildings, the Internet of Things —including drones, robots and artificial intelligence — the security industry is faced with many challenges and opportunities. To best find success in the new environment, integrators must partner with a community of technology providers to meet changing customer needs, and stay ahead of the technology curve.

“We’re building for capacity with a focus on multi-purpose solutions. In our work, we always run into the unknown: the future is just the next exit away – and with the open platform, we are excited about it!”    — Jamie Ritchie, Lead User Technology Specialist, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Since no single provider can be an expert in all domains, security manufacturers must rely on other manufacturers to fill the gaps. This is why end-to-end solutions ultimately fail. A manufacturer can only deliver so much technology on their own.

“What Milestone is offering to partners is the ability to work with other people in the community to enhance the milestone core product and to build our own partnerships. It’s great the community is that open. We can actually pick from the partnerships of Milestone to be able to enhance solutions. The whole community attitude is being able to provide the best solutions for the end user. We’re very excited about that.” — M. Kathleen Chigos, President, PlateSmart

With a host of changes impacting the industry, security professionals must be prepared to adapt accordingly. By partnering with multiple providers, integrators can successfully plan for the future and identify how they can monetize new opportunities. Within a technology community, integrators can leverage the most appropriate hardware and software partners and bring those components together to meet the needs of their customers.

“An open community is really a partner ecosystem, where innovation can be driven, solutions can be delivered, and the market can move forward in a much more accelerated way. Milestone is at the forefront of thought leadership, and this is exactly what this industry needs.” — Scott Dunn, Sr. Director of Business Development & Solutions, Axis Communications

By being scalable and upgradable as new technologies are developed, open systems help guard against rapid system obsolescence, and provide an opportunity for integrators to become a service partner who is an ongoing part of their customer’s business lifecycle. By doing so, integrators can provide excellent long-term guidance and maintenance for customers, feel confident about the solution they are selling, installing and expanding, without fear of future limitations. This establishes a predictable stream of income for their business and dependable satisfaction for the customer over the long run.

“We’ve embraced the idea of community. We’re really glad to see that Milestone is doing that, putting community at the forefront, having a dialogue so we can get the message out in a bigger audience.” — Doug Scott, Manager, Western Region Sales, Louroe Electronics

Through partnering with a community of providers, integrators are able to truly customize solutions in a way that allows end users to achieve additional functionality while leveraging their existing investments. Before open IP network standards were implemented, it was difficult to partner with small, specialized technology companies that were proprietary, with limited options for addressing future needs.

“We are the embodiment of the community concept. Take a product like SpotterRF that’s really good, but we make it better by integrating with Milestone video management software. Radar detection combined with open platform VMS is very powerful.” — Bob Kusche, Business Development Manager, NMS Security

With devices deployed on open platform, IP networks, the community or ecosystem approach to business has facilitated a powerful level of interface and integration, which has opened many more options for solving a customer’s needs.

“We’re betting our relationship on the Milestone Community growing stronger, and continuing to deliver options to us that allow us to grow and expand, to deliver cutting-edge solutions.” — Brent Edmunds, President and Co-Founder, Stone Security

There is a high level of innovation happening in the marketplace. A long list of resourceful integrations presented on the Milestone website include: laser scanners, radar and audio systems; traffic analysis, license plate recognition and vehicle brand identification systems; gunshot locators, live incident tracking, retail analytics, and video synopsis.  Now machine and deep learning with artificial intelligence (AI) are on the verge. All of these innovations add to the available open platform community tool kit to meet the unique needs of customers and facilitate their needs of tomorrow.

“In the context of business, community means enhancing our opportunities together.” — Brad Eck, Integration Manager North America, Bosch Security Systems

The Milestone community’s ability to deliver innovation to the marketplace and address customer demands is key to system deployment success, and maintaining investments over the long term. The community model is about putting customers first through the power of partnerships.

“We can only do this together. We believe that the co-creation of value is unique to our open platform community.” — Kenneth Petersen, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Milestone Systems


Courtney Pedersenby Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Communication Manager – Americas, Milestone Systems