Milestone Drives AI Growth with Open Platform

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a main topic in security over the past two years. Systems trained with large amounts of videos and images can now detect objects with more accuracy and precision. This results in AI gaining more acceptance among users.

“It’s almost like every time you turn your head, you hear people talking about AI. We’ve been seeing good momentum this year, and I think we’ll continue to see more advancement, more releases and more news around AI in the near future.” –  Benjamin Low, VP for APAC at Milestone Systems

While AI is not a new concept per se, it has become more mature than before thanks to more advanced AI and deep learning-based algorithms, stronger processing power and wider availability of data. Today, AI is being incorporated into existing technologies, for example, smart search and facial recognition, to enhance their intelligence.

“When it comes to enhancing facial recognition, AI is playing a big part. If you’re looking at the outline of a person, or you’re looking at certain facial features, using AI you are able to get higher accuracy.” – Ben Low

According to Low, AI brings benefits to users across different vertical markets. One such vertical is retail, where companies are constantly looking for ways to enhance the shopper experience. In this regard, AI or deep learning-based solutions that extract data from various sensors and turn them into actionable intelligence can play an important part.

“We’re seeing retail-centric technology coming out to help retailers gain better insights on what the shopper may be looking for, based on past trends. This then allows shops to guide customers into something they like, or set up targeted promotional items for shoppers.” – Ben Low

The Role of Open Platform

Being the world’s top VMS provider, Milestone is playing a leadership role in driving AI’s growth by leveraging its open platform strategy. This allows its vast community of partners – AI solutions providers included – to connect their technologies to Milestone’s VMS.

“As opposed to traditional video surveillance where everything is closed and proprietary, Milestone has always conducted our business and our technology in a way that allows as many solutions as possible to connect to our VMS. We build a platform, a place where any product, whether analytics tools, facial recognition tools or new cameras or IoT devices coming to market, can either connect to our platform or use our device driver to do that.” – Ben Low

According to Low, this open platform approach will ultimately benefit end users looking for different AI-based solutions to address their challenges.

“If you are using one kind of analytics to solve one problem and another kind of analytics to solve another problem, you can interconnect these different solutions with Milestone. The user doesn’t have to buy one VMS which only connects to their proprietary analytics platform, then buy another VMS if you want to do something else. With Milestone the user gets a platform where they can try different analytics to find what’s most suitable for them.” – Ben Low

Australian University Example

Milestone cited Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia, which is using analytics from iCetana and Snap Surveillance in combination with Milestone to enhance security. iCetana’s analytics detect abnormal behavior or heavily changed conditions without a rule base, allowing the user to be alerted to incidents like fights, someone falling over or a car driving the wrong way, without having to monitor hundreds of cameras on screen. Snap Surveillance, meanwhile, learns about the physical relationship between cameras to make object tracking easier. Both analytics platforms are integrated into the core Milestone VMS using Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

“We are constantly working to allow different integrators to connect not just cameras, but all their favorite devices and software, into our platform. We are regularly approached by different solutions providers who want to work with us. They always come to Milestone and ask ‘what does it take for me to integrate with you?’, because they know the connectivity that’s achieved with Milestone allows them to reach out to a wider audience of customers.” – Ben Low

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