Milestone Initiates Response to Australia’s Time of Need; Security Industry Joins In

The recent spate of natural disasters has brought out the best of Australia, and it seems that the security industry is no exception. Milestone Systems has reported an overwhelmingly positive response to a Christmas initiative the company implemented, which is having an ongoing effect in the industry.

Rather than sending traditional Christmas gifts to partners and customers last year, Milestone instead donated hay bales to needy farmers on behalf of gift recipients. Not only did the company receive a torrent of positive feedback for the initiative, in some cases the idea inspired other companies to continue the support and make their own donations on top of Milestone’s gift.

Country Manager for the South Pacific region at Milestone, Brett Hansen, said: “It is no secret that Australia has been impacted very severely by drought over the past few years, and our agricultural sector has suffered the most. Farmers have no water left in their dams, no grass or grain left to feed stock. People all around the country are chipping in with fundraisers and other initiatives to do what they can to help out, and it was a natural choice to support Buy a Bale, in order to provide drought-stricken farmers with food for their stock.”

The positive and active response to Milestone’s initiative highlights the amount of goodwill in the security industry as a whole, and is not an isolated case.

John Tannous of HSC Security stated: “Given the tough circumstances our country is currently facing, we were touched by Milestone’s great initiative to help our farmers stay afloat and very thankful that bales of hay were donated in our name. In response we have further donated three large bales of hay and 11.5 Kilolitres of water to our needy farmers and will soon be contributing more substantial funds to the Bushfire relief.”

In a climate where natural disasters seem to be increasing and general business conditions are challenging, it is evident that the security industry encourages socially responsible activities and is willing to pitch in and help fellow Australians.

Andrew Noble, National Sales Manager at PMT Security responded to his Christmas donation by stating that the gift was: “The best present I have received! What a great initiative, from a great company.”

These sentiments were echoed by owner and Managing Director at PMT Security, Darren Taylor, who said: “We fully support any initiative that helps out fellow Aussies when times are tough, and it is great that vendors, integrators and the industry at large is so willing to show compassion. As a company, PMT Security is very focused on our own corporate responsibility to help others, and we appreciate that large multi-national vendors like Milestone Systems feel the same way.”

Brett Hansen reports that Milestone will also be taking their next partner event to one of Australia’s many fire-effected tourist destinations, in an effort to support the local economy.

This announcement was published first on Security Solutions website on March 11, 2020: