Milestone Innovators Make the “20 Under 40” List

Tomorrow’s influencers are already hard at work today, changing the world around us for the better. One of these is Jeppie Sumpter, 37, Director of Communication Technologies at Western Kentucky University, who has been named to the “20 under 40” End User Class of 2015 by Security Systems News. Each year the magazine receives hundreds of nominations for this prestigious award. Candidates are chosen for their technology savvy, leadership capabilities, contributions to the security industry and prospects for future success.

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Jeppie Sumpter, WKU

Jeppie has been an installer, administrative end user and integrator of Milestone video management software (VMS) since 2010. He has constantly sought to expand the uses of the open platform technology, leading his IT team to design their own integration of the video with emergency call boxes, for example. The different departments of the university have benefited from his innovative applications of video monitoring to improve security and safety on campus, in dormitories and traffic situations as well as for science laboratory experiments, among many other things.

When I saw Jeppie at the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium in Las Vegas this year, he told me: “I’m always finding new ways to use the Milestone software.”

Even though we’ve come so far and accomplished amazing things since my team and I first looked at the VMS marketplace for a solution to our IT-based security needs, sometimes I feel like we are just beginning. That’s a good thing though; we are always asking… what else can we do? It’s an exciting time because there are so many things we have on our list to tie multiple systems, solutions, and groups together leveraging Milestone as the glue.
– Jeppie Sumpter, Director of Communication Technologies, Western Kentucky University

Find out more about these in the Western Kentucky University video and Milestone Customer Story – Western Kentucky University.

Jeppie has stayed abreast of the technology’s upgrades with ongoing new features and modules. He has also given his time to share his expertise with Milestone’s product management team, helping to ensure that our software developments are responsive to the evolving needs in higher education.

“The Class of 2015 is characterized by exceptional drive and enthusiasm for the future of the physical security industry,” said Martha Entwistle, editor of Security Systems News. “The Class of 2015 joins an elite group of security professionals who have been honored by Security Systems News over the past eight years.”

Security Systems News presents the awards to 20 physical security integrators and 20 physical security end users, all age 40 and under, at TechSec Solutions, the industry’s premier conference dedicated to new and emerging technologies, held in February. Award winners participate in educational sessions at the conference and are honored at a special reception.

“These winners are the future leaders of the industry. With their tech know-how and dedication, the industry is in good hands,” Entwistle said.

Tim Ferrian, Pro-Tec

Security Systems News also announced the “20 under 40” Class of 2015 Integrator winners on October 4, 2015. In 2014, Tim Ferrian was included in this list of honorees. Tim is the Director of Sales & Marketing at long-time Milestone Partner Pro-Tec Design of Minneapolis. See the Ring of Protection video and case study about his vision to connect over a dozen municipalities around the city with Milestone VMS as its foundation.

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Courtney PedersenBy Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Communications Manager, Milestone Systems